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Want to be a better Leader? Steve Moore's new book addresses the "Top 10 Leadership Conversations in the Bible"

Have you ever heard the age old cliche," What would Jesus do?". Or how about "What would a great leader do?" Have you ever hungered to truly know both?

For his new book, The Top 10 Leadership Conversations in the Bible, Steve Moore states that, "my objective in this book is to stimulate your passion to engage the Bible as a primary source for leadership insight.”


Moore and his team have worked rigorously to find all 1,090 representations of leadership in the Bible and documented them accordingly. Not only is the book helpful with its diagrams & images, but it breaks down what it really means to both lead and follow biblically. As he walks through each example, he asks us, as potential leaders to reflect and to look at the Bible's examples in passages by analyzing,

1. Who is the leader?

2. Who is the follower? and finally,

3. What is the situation?


Steve also has a website for the book itself where you can create an account and have the first chapter '00' sent to you via e-mail. Also, Scatter Global is featured along with Chapter 11 of the book, so make sure to sign up to receive the download!


Not only is biblical leadership revealed when you access the book, but readers can actually access a database of thousands of biblical leadership conversations for FREE. 


On this same site, you can also access a Biblical Centered Leadership Development Planner to know how to tangibly make next steps to becoming a better leader. Among many pearls of wisdom, Steve also mentions a key point to leadership being, “I believe influence, not position is at the core of leadership.”


This downloadable version offers an array of helpful tools, and over 10 pages of free insight into God centered leadership conversations.

Comment below with any questions you have, and be looking out for an upcoming Instagram story on all the book and website has to offer! 


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Global Reflections Blog on How to Cope with Missionary Hardships

Let's be real, being a missionary is tough, this blog really helps to delve into some of those hardships and how to better maneuver them.

Global Reflections Blog through Fuller Theological Seminary gives some truly helpful points on how to deal with stress, loss, loneliness, and more. In the article below titled, "Missionary Self-Care and Spirituality" the author gives some practical ways to persona care with these potential wounds through living missionally for the Lord.

Feel free to comment below with some of your own personal testimonies of God bringing you through hardship- 

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Want to be a Marketplace worker on fire? Check out these tips

Charisma Magazine wrote an article intertwining the marketplace and God's growth to culturally expand marketplace workers. The article touches base on several ideals- here are the main ones: 

  • Business as a Means
  • Business as a Mission 
  • Business as a Mandate
  • Ways to Engage

Check out the rest of the article in its entirety and feel free to check out more of each topic you feel fully relates to you and your current season! 

Also, feel free to comment below with some topics that really spoke to you! 



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The importance of White Space and what it isn't-

What is WhiteSpace- 

Juliet Funt gave an amazing talk at a Global Leaders Summit and even included a free link to help fellow teams in the business world conquer their what she calls, 'white space.' She goes on to mention what white space is not... it is not the wandering of the mind nor is it meditation, she says that it instead has no rules at all. White space gives your mind the freedom to indulge on a time period to which their is no schedule, whether it be several seconds or half an hour, white space is key to long term success and sanity. Funt often mentions that with the use of 'white space' in the workplace not only will these environments be healthier, but so will the employees themselves.  With comedy and a warm heart for genuine peace and productivity balanced in the workplace, Juliet gives the audience real hope to our everyday jam packed busy work lives.

Some Topics Juliet focuses on - 

"Our Time is Under Attack"

"WhiteSpace is the time for which you have no plans and no predetermined agenda"

 "WhiteSpace is freedom for the mind"

"For many of us, email has become a major source of frustration"


Check out her video below, and comment with some ways 'white space' throughout your work day has helped you! 





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Q& A Series: What is Scatter Global and how can my talents be used?

What is Scatter Global?  

What drives us is a passionate belief that God has placed unique abilities, passions and skills within each one of us.  For everyone who resonates with this, we hope to inspire the question: “What if I did what God has uniquely designed me to do in a part of the world Jesus is less known?”   ScatterGlobal is here to for you, the global professional on your journey. Utilize our content bank, community groups, and job board to connect with whatever stage you are in. Continue to stay engaged with us as we build e-learning opportunities that build a custom plan and do the due diligence needed to connect you with the best support services out there for professionals to using their vocations intentionally. 

 Who is Scatter Global for?

We care about professionals

Our focus is to help you connect with content (articles, videos, blogs etc), community (discussion or affinity groups, coaching and networks), and live job opportunities.   We equip and send culture-shapers for the global marketplaces of today. 

 We care about churches

We believe the church is critical in cultivating, in sending, and in continuing to nurture the global marketplace worker. Our passion is to see churches reigniting vocation as mission, both locally and globally.  We are a resource for churches to access tools to prepare their people and a network to connect with their people serving globally.

 We care about the least reached

We have the audacity to believe that it’s possible to see followers of Jesus intentional in every marketplace, living in every location globally within this generation. We believe all of God’s people are called and equipped by the Holy Spirit to make disciples and that this is less complicated than we’ve made it.

Please feel free to comment with questions below~ 

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