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The Top Ten Books on Faith and Work

The ‚ÄčInstitute for Faith, Work, and Economics recently released their 2018 updated list for the top-ten best books on faith and work.  These books answer questions such as, "What is the purpose of work?", and, "How am I, as a Christian supposed to live as a follower of Jesus in the place where I spend 40 or more hours a week?" 

The list is worth checking out, and each book included has a description written by Hugh Whelchel, executive director of the Institute for Faith, Work, and Economics.

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Redefining Work

In his talk at the Faith at Work conference, Tim Keller goes through what God intends for our work, and how we have shifted from its intended purpose.  Keller offers an incredibly insightful way of thinking about all of our work, even the smallest tasks.

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Modeling Christ in the Workplace Through Work Well Done

"Christians in the workplace should be motivated by our desire to glorify God and to inspire others to desire to know him.  Work done well is uncommon, and it will be noticed by our colleagues and clients or patients."

On The High Calling blog, several reasons why and ways are given to model Christ through excellency in our work.  Working excellently in everyday jobs gives God glory as we were designed to work, and might even lead to opportunities to share our faith with others.  

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Dear Christian, You've Been Called to Mission

"The call of God on our lives extends even to the ordinary activities and relationships of our station in life. Things like singleness or marriage, family, location and vocation, and church membership are not mere circumstances in the life of a disciple of Jesus, but aspects of God’s call on our lives to live for his glory."

What does being "called" really mean?

In his article, Dear Christian, You've Been Called to Mission, Zane Pratt outlines the different ways the Bible refers to calling compared to our modern uses of the word.  

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Finding Myself in the Mommy Wars

Mothers, how do you do it? The walls separating our work life, personal life, and spiritual life seem to be everlasting. Somewhere along the way, we have made the ironic steps of organizing our lives in these categories of purpose, but we have positioned ourselves to be overwhelmed trying to maintain each of these worlds. 

Amy Whitfield, in her article for the Gospel Coalition, tears down the walls between the activities we've set to define our identity and reorients and roots us in the truth of how God created us. 

Our search for identity can never stray too far from the truth that we were created in God’s image, and we were all created to be workers. - Amy Whitfield 

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