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The Impact of Medication Donations in Third World Countries

Learn about the importance, process, and impact of medication donations to third world countries. Discover how you can contribute and make a difference.

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Separating Progress from Hype in Medicine: Fragility, Flaws, & Fallacy in Scientific Evidence

Although new therapies are being discovered all the time (medical progress), current research shows that many of these advances are ultimately demonstrated to be false in subsequent studies. In order to understand which discoveries are likely to be true progress vs. mere hype, every clinician should understand these basic but surprising aspects of scientific evidence before recommending a new t...

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Urban Health Care: Challenges and Solutions

Explore Urban Health Care: challenges and solutions. Learn how to improve health services in city environments for better community wellness.

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Top Missionary Books Every Christian Should Read

Explore top Christianity missionary books that inspire and educate. Discover personal stories and learn where to find these impactful reads.

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Treatment of Parasitic Diseases

This session will review common treatments for soil-transmitted helminths, Chagas disease, HAT, and leishmaniasis. Although these parasitic infections are often acquired outside of the United States, with a recent increase in immigrants and refugees entering the United States, more are being identified as patients present for medical care. The goal of this session is to educate providers and in...

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Preparing for Nursing Student Mission Trips: A Complete Guide

Discover the impact and preparation for nursing student mission trips. Learn from real stories and find resources to start your journey today!

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And Then the End Will Come (Expanded)

We live in the most amazing days since Jesus walked the earth. The global church is sprinting toward the finish line of the 2000-year Great Commission race, and by God’s grace, our generation may be the one to finish it. In this session, Douglas Cobb of The Finishing Fund will explain the global effort to get the gospel for the first time to the world’s last few unengaged people gro...

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10 Medical Volunteer Opportunities - Local & International Christian Missions

Explore top organizations for fulfilling medical volunteer opportunities in both domestic and international settings, serving those in need.

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Managing Diarrheal Diseases in Children in under-resourced Communities

Globally, diarrheal disease is a leading cause of mortality and morbidity in children under five years, accounting for over half a million deaths annually. Diarrhea arises mostly from contaminated food and water sources. Worldwide 2.5 billion people lack proper sanitation, and 780 million lack access to safe drinking water. Diarrhea contributes to the incidence of malnutrition in children as ea...

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Resources for Missionary Reentry: Navigating the Transition Home

"Discover essential resources for returning missionaries. Navigate challenges and find support for reentry into daily life after your mission."

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