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A Spiritual Practice to Enhance Resilience: Praying the Psalms

The behavioral health literature on resilience identifies religious belief and practice as important factors contributing to psychological resilience. This literature frequently advocates Eastern religious methods of meditation and exercise as means of enhancing resilience in vulnerable individuals. Much smaller literature suggests that Christian spiritual routines might enhance resilience. Thi...

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Spirituality and Health

Spirituality is an important component of health, and assessing a patient's spirituality is a cultural competence of healthcare professionals. This session will review the scientific evidence for links between spirituality, religious practice and health outcomes, consider what medical and nursing association guidelines say about incorporating spiritual assessments into medical practice, and...

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Breaking Chains of Dependency: Impacting underserved communities through servant leadership

Breaking the Chains of Dependency: Impacting underserved communities through servant leadership Underserved communities, such as those in Africa, have been the long-time recipients of outside aid, yet there is little sustainable change. Dependency on outside resources and hierarchal, foreign leadership remains. Could following the example of Jesus’ use of servant leadership be a way to br...

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Practical Approaches Towards Elimination of the Top 5 Neglected Tropical Diseases

The 5 most common neglected tropical diseases affect over 1.5 billion people, including more than 1 billion children. Medical missionaries working in sub-Saharan Africa and parts of Asia will certainly come in contact with most of these diseases on a daily basis. It is time for us to do more than just treat them. Mass drug adminstration programs were developed to help control and eradicate thes...

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The move of the local church in the Global South

At Life in Abundance we believe that investment in the local church is both an effective and transformative tool for sustainable community development, sustainable community health, and sustainable social and spiritual change. There are stories, there is a model and there is movement taking place across the global south and I look forward to sharing this with you.

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Mental Health Needs of Millennial Missionaries

This session will describe unique needs of Millennial missionaries in the current culture. We will discuss how building relationships with God, self and others will aid in longevity on the field, contentment, struggling well, lamenting suffering and balancing stresses with supports.

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Advanced Practice Providers on the Mission Field

Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants can be a vital part of the mission team. We will use this session to discuss how APPs can be utilized on the field, how to prepare for missions, what to expect from your first trip, and so much more. Please join us!

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Approach to Fever in the Tropics

A case-based, interactive review of how to diagnose and manage febrile patients in tropical settings

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Our Current Missions Assignment (Expanded)

The missional landscape has changed. The recent global events, the shifting distribution of Christians, and the realities of what God is allowing; are presenting a whole new missional landscape. What then are the new structures, approaches, and strategies that are proving effective for missions in our days? This will be shared with a special emphasis on the emerging role of medical missions and...

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Exploring the Journey to Full-Time Missions: Agencies, Funding, Singles/Families, God’s Guidance

Hear healthcare missionaries share their journeys. In the first hour hear a panel of two docs and two nurses answer your questions as well as: How do I find God’s guidance in the journey? Why and How do I connect with a mentor, agency, team, and/or training? What about student loans, and raising financial support? What if my spouse or family are not supportive of me doing missions? The se...

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