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Coronavirus and Missions: Finding the Balance Between Facts and Faith

In this post, Dr. Ginger Cameron discusses the Coronavirus and Missions. She talks about finding balance between facts and faith. Learn three simple steps to help you make your decision.

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The Ethical Approach To Limited Resources

Can’t get a desperately needed lab test? Not enough healthcare staff? Running out of patient beds? Worried a respirator might not be available? As you work without adequate protective equipment, are you thinking that you’re putting your life at risk taking care of your patients? Overwhelming need and limited resources. Sounds like life as a medical missionary, but third world rea...

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The Church Responds To COVID-19

Challenges for the church just keep coming in an onslaught that is fierce and seemingly unending. Now, the church faces a pandemic. Throughout time God has used catastrophic tragedies to bring people to himself. Every crisis is an opportunity to love people. Every church has shortcomings. Crisis exposes weakness and tests strength. How well the church has equipped members to be disciples ...

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Spiritual Preparation for Missions

The sessions that are chosen each year for the Global Missions Health Conference are chosen with great consideration and prayer. Our committee chooses topics that will be impactful, practical, and challenging. The session that we will feature today encompasses all of those aims. We hope you enjoy listening to Spiritual Preparation for Missions, by Rick Donlon. Spiritual Preparation for Missions

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Start Now: Being Missional Where You Are

Learn how you can start now with being missional where you are. This post includes tips for learning, aligning, loving and sharing with the people around you now.

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Finding God’s Call for Your Life

What do we mean by a "call?" The answer lies in comparing out ideas of "calling" with the Bible's teaching about how and why God guides his people.

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What To Do If Your Mission Trip Is Cancelled?

You have spent lots of time in prayer, talking to others about it, fundraising, training, and gearing up for the adventure ahead. What should you do if it is cancelled?

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Faith, Fear, Caution, Reality: A Balanced Mindset

Eleanor Roosevelt, wife of our thirty-second president, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, famously said “A woman is like a tea bag; you never know how strong it is until it’s in hot water”. Mrs. Roosevelt was cleverly restating what we’ve learned from experience: the pressures of stress and danger reveal our true character. This truism applies to individual disciples of Jesus a...

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Playing God and Other Ethical Issues in Missionary Medicine

There is little in the medical literature about applying the basic tenets of medical ethics in resource limited situations common in mission hospitals. For example, healthcare professionals are taught not to attempt medical or surgical interventions they have not be trained to do. That prohibition will be quickly violated when you are the only option for the patient. With real life stories and ...

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Poverty: A Marred Identity

Systemic poverty often plagues the places where global health professionals serve. Grappling with this crushing reality can be overwhelming.

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