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Women in Missions - Rebekah Naylor

This session will discuss the role of women in health care missions today. It will include examples and personal stories that will encourage expanded vision and new perspectives on opportunities and needs.

Educational Objectives
After this session participants will be able to:
1.Identify possible roles for women in health care missions
2.Identify some barriers for women in health care missions
3.Identify steps for preparation for mission service

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Want to be a Marketplace worker on fire? Check out these tips

Charisma Magazine wrote an article intertwining the marketplace and God's growth to culturally expand marketplace workers. The article touches base on several ideals- here are the main ones: 

  • Business as a Means
  • Business as a Mission 
  • Business as a Mandate
  • Ways to Engage

Check out the rest of the article in its entirety and feel free to check out more of each topic you feel fully relates to you and your current season! 

Also, feel free to comment below with some topics that really spoke to you! 



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Sharing Stories

Many of us are returning from a variety of summer adventures where we were able to serve another group of people somewhere in the world.  Stories become amazing ways for us to share with each other what we’ve learned and what the Lord is teaching us.  Stories also allow us to share our personal experiences and to explore the opportunities that are available in the world of medical missions.  

We invite you to share your story about your summer and how you may have engaged in domestic or international missions… short term or long term.  You may never know the encouragement someone will receive in reading your story.  

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