Steve Noblett

CEO, Christ Community Health Fellowship



I am the CEO for Christian Community Health Fellowship (CCHF), a national network of Christian health professionals who are committed to living out the gospel through healthcare among the poor and marginalized.  There is a growing movement of Christians who are committed to bringing healing to marginalized communities in Jesus’ name. CCHF functions in this movement to help others find their place in our common cause, persevere in our mutual calling, and grow in our understanding of what it means to be ambassadors of Christ in healthcare and in communities of need.

Headquartered in Memphis, TN, CCHF is a relational network that aims to function like the body of Christ, while offering some technical assistance to Christian clinics. Our members support one another by sharing resources, experiences, counsel and prayer. We are an “all-for-one” community that wants to see each other thrive as we extend Christ’s love to the poor through excellent, holistic healthcare, while excelling at helping clinics develop integrated spiritual care initiatives, as well as finding full-time providers and executive staff.

We invite you to visit to find out more about this movement. There, you’ll find information about clinics across the United States who have intentionally placed themselves in the areas of greatest need in their communities, along with stories of those who are already doing this work.  You can also obtain information about volunteering and student rotations in many of our clinics




Get to Know Christ Community Health Fellowship (CCHF)

Christian Community Health Fellowship is a community of Christian healthcare professionals who are committed to living out the gospel through healthcare among the poor. What we have in common is that we consider our careers and training in healthcare as a missional calling to serve Christ.  

“Mission” is not something we hope to do one day, or plan to do next summer. Missionis an integral part of our lives. We serve Christ missionally today, and we serve Him missionally where we live now. We understand that if we are really serving Christ in healthcare, a significant part of our work will focus on serving people who are marginalized, undervalued, and vulnerable – those who are medically under-served.  

About half of the people who make up the CCHF community work in secular settings - community health clinics, universities, residency programs, etc. They are there because of a conviction that this is where they are meant to serve Christ’s mission to bring healing and comfort to the poor, and to represent His kingdom in word and deed.

The rest of us in the CCHF community work in faith-based clinics that strive to provide distinctively Christian care.

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