An Introduction to Short Term Medical Missions

There are hundreds of opportunities for you to serve in short term missions, especially as a healthcare professional.  Our goal is to help you find the best fit and the best opportunity for your skills and interests.  In order to do this, we created the largest directory of healthcare missions organizations in the world to feature their opportunities and how they engage the world.  Explore the opportunities, organizations, and resources that will help you find that perfect match.

Short Term Trip List

Explore the list of short term trips below - automatically aggregated from our member organizations.  

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Finding Short Term Trips on

Part of the challenge in finding a short term trip is finding the organization you feel best fits your personal interests and skills.  Thankfully we have built a robust directory of these organizations to help you find that best connection.  Here are a few quick tips:

  • Search by Healthcare Specialty - there are over 70 healthcare fields to search from in the directory.  Start here by searching by your professional field.
  • Search by Global Health Issues - Are you interested in helping with a specific global health issue?  Search over 30 global health issues.
  • Geography - search by the countries of the world that interest you.
  • Search by Keyword - is there something specific you are looking for?  

We're convinced you will find an organization that matches your interest.  Once you have, contact them to learn more.

Short Term Trip Resources

Explore some of these resources about short term missions from some of the world's leading experts.