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Caring for the Whole Patient: Good Medicine for Patient and Professional?

Most Christian healthcare professionals and students recognize the value of whole person care in stateside and international settings. Yet such care might be one of the most complex challenges in healthcare today. How is done? When is it done? Is it ethical or legal? Can I pray with a patient? Share the gospel? And if so, how is all this done with limited time? We'll unravel these issues an...

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Exploring the Journey to Full-Time Missions: Agencies, Funding, Singles/Families, God’s Guidance

Hear healthcare missionaries share their journeys. In the first hour hear a panel of two docs and two nurses will your questions, as well these: - How do I find God’s guidance in the journey? - Why and how do I connect with a mentor or agency or team or training? - What about student loans, raising financial support? The second hour will be small discussion group with a missionary coa...

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Using procedural medicine to build relationships

Teaching medical procedures is one of the most "hands on" parts to medical education. We will be discussing the challenges about this topic, tips for success, and how to use our influence as medical educators to honor God. Session recorded on Friday, November 10th during Session Block #2 at 10:00 AM EST ; speaker: Andrew Posey; Jonathan Peters Session webpage: https://www.medica...

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The Training Years: Wisdom for What’s Now and Pearls for What's Next

STUDENTS & RESIDENTS: How can we deepen in our love for Jesus and see this refining, exciting time as He does? We’ll spend the first half tackling topics like long-haul stamina, time management, living in community, debt, and God’s heart for those experiencing poverty. For the second hour, we’ll divide into small groups of the same discipline (i.e., DO/MD students, resi...

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Training Nurses and Other Healthcare Workers to Serve Cross-Culturally on Short-Term Missions

Cultures around the world have differing worldviews, practices, and behaviors related to health, disease, healing, suffering, death, and dying. According to scripture, humility is an attitude believers need to adopt, especially when working cross-culturally, “Clothe yourselves in humility (1 Pet. 5:5). Training nurses and other healthcare workers to use cultural humility allows believers ...

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Honor Shame Dynamics: How to serve effectively

People interpret what we do based on their worldview. In Honor-Shame cultures, people might misinterpret and see in our actions merit making, proselytization or apostasy, however pure our motivation may be. We’ll look at honor-shame based worldviews, understand how and why people may misinterpret what we do, look at risks and practices to help show and share God’s love appropriately...

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Where do I fit in today's Missions Landscape?

The global missions landscape has shifted and so has the role Americans now play. We'll explore the many new opportunities this has created. Session recorded on Thursday, November 9th during Session Block #1 at 3:45PM EST ; speaker: Charlie Vittitow. Session webpage:

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Get Emotionally Healed: A training course

Your emotional health matters as you join God in His work among the nations. Learn to apply biblical principles to experience emotional healing and minister to others. In this session you will walk away with 4 keys that will help you receive God's emotional healing. Session recorded on Thursday, November 9th during Session Block #1 at 3:45PM EST ; speaker: Francis Bukachi. Session web...

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Bridge Building for Christ’s Kingdom

There are tens of thousands of bridges all over the world. We cross them to get over to the other side. We often take them for granted and sometimes we marvel at them. The Great Commission of our Lord Jesus to take His Gospel into all the world is meant for everyone, without exception. But most believers hardly know where to start and how to effectively communicate His Truth with the lost. We c...

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Five principles for creating long-term sustainable impact on short term mission trips

The Great Commission is a call for all Christ followers to make disciples wherever we are. So often, however, we think that this takes place on a short-term trip where we "do" a project for the national or indigenous people. Discipleship requires more time than what a short-term trip offers. We will consider how we might have a long-term impact even on a short-term trip by working wit...

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