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And Then the End Will Come (Expanded)

We live in the most amazing days since Jesus walked the earth. The global church is sprinting toward the finish line of the 2000-year Great Commission race, and by God’s grace, our generation may be the one to finish it. In this session, Douglas Cobb of The Finishing Fund will explain the global effort to get the gospel for the first time to the world’s last few unengaged people gro...

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Managing Diarrheal Diseases in Children in under-resourced Communities

Globally, diarrheal disease is a leading cause of mortality and morbidity in children under five years, accounting for over half a million deaths annually. Diarrhea arises mostly from contaminated food and water sources. Worldwide 2.5 billion people lack proper sanitation, and 780 million lack access to safe drinking water. Diarrhea contributes to the incidence of malnutrition in children as ea...

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Real-Life Struggles with Medical Ethics at the Mission Hospital

Medical missionaries from Western industrialized nations frequently encounter ethically disturbing situations when providing care in the developing world. This may be due to generally-recognized ethical principles being largely influenced by Western realities, beliefs and values. Individuals in resource-limited settings may have very different views on the risks and benefits of medical care, wi...

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Human Trafficking in Children and Youth

Trafficking in persons is one of the greatest violations against humankind. Human trafficking happens locally, nationally, and internationally; with all ages, ethnicities, socioeconomic levels and genders. While any person can be lured into exploitation, children have additional vulnerabilities due to their dependence on adults and developmental issues. This presentation seeks to address human ...

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Raising Prayer and Financial Support; Thriving for a lifetime

Prayer support is just as vital as financial support. This session will explore how to thrive for a lifetime. You will need churches to send you, and a full and engaged prayer and financial support team.

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Caring for the Caregiver - A platform for the continuum of care for those in healthcare

Every day healthcare workers face a lot of stressful and emotionally challenging situations at work. Moreover the long drawn pandemic has had its impact on healthcare workers. Numerous deaths, making difficult choices due to resource constraints and overstretched days are some of the challenges that have affected health workers mentally and emotionally. With daily work demands being constant ma...

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8 Pediatric Medical Mission Trips Medical Missions

Explore pediatric medical mission trips with organizations like International Volunteer HQ, Cure International, and others, serving kids globally.

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Navigating the Unique Obstacles of Raising Kids in the Mission Field

How do we serve in the mission field without losing our kids? Third Culture Kids or Missionary Kids live a unique life experience that at its best can form amazing faith and character and at its worst, disillusionment and unbelief. The session will address how we can try to parent well, while living and growing up in Christian systems differentiating from what is Biblical and what is cultural.

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What Is A Mission Trip?

A mission trip is a journey by individuals or groups, often motivated by faith, to offer help, service, or evangelism in communities in need.

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What Is A Missionary?

A missionary is a devoted follower of Jesus, called by God to spread the gospel. They have a passion for the lost, enduring faith, and flexibility.

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