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A Kingdom Principle in a Childhood Fairytale

Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tale, The Ugly Duckling, illustrates the meaning of an academic term called reflected appraisals. This important term, used by social scientists in identity research, refers to the notion that our self-identity is in part, shaped and misshaped by the appraisal/opinion of those in our social network. As you may remember, the ugly duckling was actually...

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A 30 Day Journey to Healthcare Missions

In September, hosted a virtual event featuring several people from around the world that are involved in healthcare missions. That virtual event was a time to explore the realities of the mission landscape today. That reality is something that we wrote about a couple of months ago on this blog - that long term missionaries are facing some very difficult circumstances with ve...

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Let Your S.H.A.P.E. Guide Your Role Within God’s Kingdom - Part 2

We reflect God’s glory through what we do and how we do it. In fact, we are the most brilliant reflection of God when we are who He S.H.A.P.E.’d us to be (see Part 1 for more details). Too many people are trying to be something they’re not. Unfortunately, many traditional missions organizations have been complicit in that by trying to press people into certain roles rather...

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Let Your S.H.A.P.E. Guide Your Role Within God’s Kingdom - Part 1

If you’re looking to participate in God’s kingdom story, forget about job openings that someone is trying to fill. Focus instead on the God-given shape that defines your role in life. When you do that, you will find the freedom to live your life (and career) within the grand purpose that God instituted for all of humanity at Creation. But more on that later. Let’s start wi...

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Spiritual Warfare for Missionaries

We have another guest blog post today. We're going to be hearing from a missionary that serves with YWAM, and is also a presenter at this year's GMHC. We hope that this experienced missionary's words can give you hope, freedom, and excitement for all that the Lord wants to do with your life. Enjoy! Amy was excited to be moving into a Central Asian country. Her dream of becom...

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5 Mistakes People Make When Looking for a Job Overseas

Finding the right job may take some time but, by avoiding these common mistakes, you will be well on your way.

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Thriving in Medical Missions

Pride is a path that leads to bitterness and discontent, to emptiness and fruitlessness. Godliness with contentment comes from knowing that our works do not earn our salvation.

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Spiritual Aspects of the Pandemic

In a world characterized by the Covid-19 pandemic that has brought death, and the fear of death to the front of conversations, how we respond matters. This is an opportunity to show the love of Christ and by this, they will know we are his disciples.

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Our Story in the Story of the World

Our work in missional healthcare isn’t just an add-on, or a platform to do some other work. It’s part of the core story.

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Sustainability: Keeping the Faith When Ministry gets Difficult

People often begin ministry enthusiastically and then get surprised when difficulties arise and they’re unprepared to face them.

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