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"The Talk about . . . fundraising and MedSend's solution"

Are you comfortable asking people for money? Do you understand the critical areas you must address if you are going to ask people to invest in you? This session will give you an understanding of the basics in fundraising that is fundamental to anyone in ministry. You will learn 5 critical things you must do in order to raise your own support. There is a solution to the obstacle of educational l...

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World Medical Mission From Samaritan’s Purse

World Medical Mission has been sending medical professionals on mission trips around the globe for more than four decades—and they aren't planning to slow down.

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Securing Heart Surgery for Children in LMIC's

Globally, congenital heart disease (CHD) is prevalent in approximately 1.8 per 100 live births making it a substantial contributor to infant mortality. (Lancet Child Adolesc Health, 2020). This is especially true in LMIC's where access to diagnostic, therapeutic and corrective resources is limited. While many organizations exist to address these challenging statistics, for the child in rura...

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Biomedical Research and Faith-Based Healthcare

This session will consider case studies of biomedical research in mission contexts, derive best practices in biomedical research that enhance the work of mission institutions, and describe how to get involved in biomedical research in faith-based settings. Presentation Slides:

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Grief Protocol: An approach to processing suffering as global healthcare workers

Grief Protocol: An Approach to Processing Suffering and Loss as Global Healthcare Workers

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Why Global Health Mission Trips are Important

Global health mission trips can open new doors for you, doors that you may have never considered in the past. Discover your missional calling in global health.

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Clinical Ethics 2022

Clinicians encounter many ethical issues in practice of medicine. This lecture first explores ethics from the perspective of seminal studies on normal human nature including incentives, social reciprocity and token effect. The lecture will then focus on the impact of this human nature on every day medical practice, medical education, medical research and medical missions.

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How to Avoid Missionary Burnout

Missionary burnout doesn’t just affect a person’s body and emotions. It also carries spiritual implications—for missionaries and those they reach.

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Overview of Leishmaniasis

Overview of leishmaniasis epidemiology, clinical presentation, and treatment options

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