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10 Characteristics of Movemental Christianity

What is it going to take for Christianity to sweep across the world? 

​A lot of people? A lot of resources? A lot of faith? 

Take a look at Ed Stetzer's article on Christianity Today's The Exchange that outlines the top 10 characteristics needed to see thousands of churches planted across the globe. Full article is available at the button below. 

What do you think is included in that top 10? Give your thoughts by commenting below. 


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How Can Christians Be Both Prophetic and Wise in the Workplace?

The following is an excerpt from

Darryl Williamson shares some wisdom on how to go about being a devoted employee, while also remaining a faithful witness to Christ in the workplace. -  

Darryl Williamson is the lead pastor of Living Faith Bible Fellowship in Tampa, Florida, a Council member of The Gospel Coalition, and is currently working on his MDiv at Reformed Theological Seminary in Orlando, Florida. He and his wife, Julie, have two children.

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Passion Shouldn’t Be a Prerequisite for Work

At first glance, one cannot help but read and think...

"What!? Of course we should be passionate about our jobs!"

It's how we do our best work, right? 

Author Michaela O'Donnell Long shares her personal story with Relevant Magazine on how if she never took the quick jump into a side-startup, she would have never been able to go on the journey to discover her personals passions and have God shape her vocation. She would've lost the opportunity she gained and sat victim to idleness waiting for that "special call". 

The Lord can use all types of experiences to shape our vocation - where our purpose and profession meet. Share yours in the comments below and click the button to read Michaela's full story. 


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Fastest Growing Jobs of the Future: Forbes

What will people be doing in the next 10 years? 

Check out Forbes' list of the 10 "Fastest Growing Jobs of the Future". This quick-scroll slideshow gives you projections and growth stats for each of these leading professions.

Some of these may surprise you!

Click below to access the article.

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Getting Small Churches on Mission (Part 1)

The Great Commission is not only for the Mega Church.

Although there is encouragement in knowing that churches are able to share messages in the public eye, we can often focus effort and attention to those large congregations and neglect the smaller churches that are present in each of our communities. 

Even though the resources in small churches are seemingly limited to those of their mega-church neighbors, that does not mean they are not impactful in mobilizing into missions. It all starts with being rooted in a biblical perspective of what missions really is.

Ed Stetzer published this article on Christianity Today to encourage and empower pastors and leaders of small churches to develop a strong mission and strategy for missions. 


Read the full article, below and pass it along to your church leadership to start or continue to develop the missions strategy of your church. 


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