How and where do I start?

We understand that there are so many ways for you to engage in medical missions and search for that next step.  Often that can be overwhelming as you wrestle between short term and long term or you debate between which agency is the best fit for you.  We have helped guide thousands of individuals to finding that best next step and making the perfect connection to one of over 1,000 organizations who are part of this incredible community.  

Six Ways to Engage in Healthcare Mission

Take a moment to explore these six paths and major spheres of medical missions.  You may already know exactly what you are looking for, or you may be trying to dig deeper into which of these may be the best fit.  Either way, we encourage you to explore all the ways the Lord may be guiding you into that next step.

Short Term Missions

Short-term trips provide the opportunity to make a long-term impact.

Long Term Missions

Immerse yourself in the culture and become a long-term part of a community.

Domestic Missions

Learn how to use your talents, gifts, and skills right here in the United States.

Marketplace Worker

Learn how to take your skills to the world and get a job as a marketplace worker.

Disaster Relief

Learn how your skills can directly engage various worldview disasters.

Medical Education

Learn how to help train indigenous leaders in advanced healthcare skills.

Blueprint E-Courses

Exploring the why and how behind missions.

We know you want to be confidently prepared to impact the world.  In order to do that, you need a guide to show you the path.  We believe you shouldn’t have to do something as difficult as seminary to become a missionary, which is why we partnered with some of the largest sending agencies in the world to create the Missional.Life Blueprint e-course.  Get started on the course today so you can stop wandering aimlessly and gain that confidence to change the world.

Missional.Life Profile

Community is imperative to the success of living a missional life. Sharing a story about your ongoing missional activity allows others to track your journey while encouraging them in theirs. Missional.Life allows you to share stories, pictures, and updates to your community about the mission you are on today, much like a missional resumé.

There are many ways to use a profile - from sharing prayer needs to documenting short term trips and connecting with supporters. Missional.Life is the best online tool for creating and maintaining community around your mission. Resources

Hundreds of resources have been collected from the world's experts in healthcare missions here on  Below are a few recommended resources as you wrestle with the best next steps, calling, and how to move forward.  

Suggested Reading

Still just wanting to learn more?  Here are a few great resources to dig deeper.