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Want to be a Marketplace worker on fire? Check out these tips

Charisma Magazine wrote an article intertwining the marketplace and God's growth to culturally expand marketplace workers. The article touches base on several ideals- here are the main ones: 

  • Business as a Means
  • Business as a Mission 
  • Business as a Mandate
  • Ways to Engage

Check out the rest of the article in its entirety and feel free to check out more of each topic you feel fully relates to you and your current season! 

Also, feel free to comment below with some topics that really spoke to you! 



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The importance of White Space and what it isn't-

What is WhiteSpace- 

Juliet Funt gave an amazing talk at a Global Leaders Summit and even included a free link to help fellow teams in the business world conquer their what she calls, 'white space.' She goes on to mention what white space is not... it is not the wandering of the mind nor is it meditation, she says that it instead has no rules at all. White space gives your mind the freedom to indulge on a time period to which their is no schedule, whether it be several seconds or half an hour, white space is key to long term success and sanity. Funt often mentions that with the use of 'white space' in the workplace not only will these environments be healthier, but so will the employees themselves.  With comedy and a warm heart for genuine peace and productivity balanced in the workplace, Juliet gives the audience real hope to our everyday jam packed busy work lives.

Some Topics Juliet focuses on - 

"Our Time is Under Attack"

"WhiteSpace is the time for which you have no plans and no predetermined agenda"

 "WhiteSpace is freedom for the mind"

"For many of us, email has become a major source of frustration"


Check out her video below, and comment with some ways 'white space' throughout your work day has helped you! 





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Q& A Series: What is Scatter Global and how can my talents be used?

What is Scatter Global?  

What drives us is a passionate belief that God has placed unique abilities, passions and skills within each one of us.  For everyone who resonates with this, we hope to inspire the question: “What if I did what God has uniquely designed me to do in a part of the world Jesus is less known?”   ScatterGlobal is here to for you, the global professional on your journey. Utilize our content bank, community groups, and job board to connect with whatever stage you are in. Continue to stay engaged with us as we build e-learning opportunities that build a custom plan and do the due diligence needed to connect you with the best support services out there for professionals to using their vocations intentionally. 

 Who is Scatter Global for?

We care about professionals

Our focus is to help you connect with content (articles, videos, blogs etc), community (discussion or affinity groups, coaching and networks), and live job opportunities.   We equip and send culture-shapers for the global marketplaces of today. 

 We care about churches

We believe the church is critical in cultivating, in sending, and in continuing to nurture the global marketplace worker. Our passion is to see churches reigniting vocation as mission, both locally and globally.  We are a resource for churches to access tools to prepare their people and a network to connect with their people serving globally.

 We care about the least reached

We have the audacity to believe that it’s possible to see followers of Jesus intentional in every marketplace, living in every location globally within this generation. We believe all of God’s people are called and equipped by the Holy Spirit to make disciples and that this is less complicated than we’ve made it.

Please feel free to comment with questions below~ 

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"Out Women the Women and Out Men the Men " Ted Talk on "Women Winning in the Marketplace"

Jennifer Sherman speaks out on all things women in the current marketplace and she does so with humor, intelligence, and plenty of experience. Jennifer herself was immersed in the business world and gives an array of facts referencing women today and the positions they hold-

58 %- Undergrad degrees held by women

53%- Entry Level Workforce made up of Women

37%- Women in Middle Management

28%- Women in VP Positions

14%- Women in Executive Positions

3%- Women in CEO Positions in Fortune 500 Companies 

She even mentions a psychologist at the University of California Berkeley, Stephen Hinshaw who touched on what he calls the "triple bind facing adolescent girls."  This is what he believes to be the sexualization and pressure we put on young girls,that we do not put on young boys.  Jennifer says that no one is asking this of adult women. That society is telling us , "we must be Martha Stewart and Claire Huxtable rolled into one, sending our bright teens off  to a good college." To top it all off these women must make time for being and looking youthful as well as staying fit (again with the multi-tasking).  Lastly, the modern day woman must drive all of this home by being a top CEO or something equivalent while being 'hard' in nature, and driven. Being seen as a threat to her male counterparts in the board room. 

"This in turn pits women against women, that we must adhere to this larger cause of women all over the world and out women the women at home and out men the men at work."

These young ladies grow up to be these almost entirely different adult versions of themselves. Lastly Jennifer mentions Barbie, and while the company may get flack for teaching young girls unattainable body standards, they develop this game in which no one looses. When girls play with Barbies they are roll playing and everyone is involved, while these young boys play games that involve a winner and a loser. (King of the hill or collect the marbles, Cowboys vs. Indians.) We have to empower women to keep their femininity in the workplace and to not 'rise' to this occasion of win or loose but rather embrace who we are and more importantly who we are in Christ. Our identity need not be in our power suits or promotions, but rather in how we treat others in the work place that says everything about us as women. To instead uplift each other in our identity in our Father as a whole and to enjoy work for the kingdom, as  daughters of the King. 

Click below to watch the full Ted Talk given by Jennifer-

Comment below with some of your favorite 'winning' moments at work and how this may have shown you your identity is not found in accomplishments-  


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What if : My parents don't want me to go into ministry or participate in missions in general?

 God has called all of His people to tell others of Him. Parents who do not understand their child's need/ want for the Lord must struggle through that and hopefully with the amazing sovereignty of God, with time they will begin to understand and believe. This sort of 'issue' can manifest itself in many different ways:

There is the parent that worries-

They may want you to be sent  out, but would rather you spread the Gospel closer to home. In reality they are beyond scared to not have control of their child in an unknown place boldly sharing the Gospel. This is a very radical, very exciting thing, but try and understand from their point of view they may be absolutely terrified. 

The parent (s) that are not believers themselves-

and  maybe don't  understand why you are pursuing a career that may not leave you as financially independent as they would have hoped.  Those you are closest to will not fully understand what you are doing until they have that fire in their belly to share of God's great work and to know the grave importance of doing so. That we have a burden to bear to save nations and let Gods people know of Him. The beauty of all of this ? There is not a burden to save them, but rather let them know of THE savior. God does the rest, just bring as many people as you can to Him. But also know that not everyone will want to go, we are humans that inherently run from the amazingness of the truth of our Salvation. So be patient in this and patient with your parents.

Pray diligently for your parents-

Pray that God will soften their hearts to understand the why behind you going to serve in missions or live a life missionally for God.  

Start Small-

Starting 'small' may look like going on a short missions trip to get them acquainted with the fact that this may be something you really want to pursue. This 'small' step can also help solidify what you want to do with God's great commission. Regardless, God calls us, EVERYONE to tell others about His greatness, you just have to decide in what way do you want God to work through your passions to do so? Is God calling  you to be a doctor, a social worker, an art teacher, a professor, a culinary chef and share your delicious food at a table full of non believers and believers alike? 

Listen to your calling, respect your parents but respect the Lords wants for your life. God knows beyond our wildest dreams what is ahead, so don't just wait to be sent- just go!


~Comment below on some of your favorite mission trips, or ones you would like to go on soon! If you need prayer for your parents understanding please comment with a "P" ~

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