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A Practical Guide to Help in Battling Addiction

Helping someone battling addiction requires difficult decisions. Through real-life examples, listeners can find a nugget of hope in the midst of the devastating effects of addiction.

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Understanding The Time… Knowing What To Do

There is a story in the Old Testament about the tribes of Israel coming to David before he was made king. Each tribe was described by their skill set. The skill set of the smallest tribe stands out most to me: the sons of Issachar, who “understood the times and knew what Israel should do.” This pandemic of both virus and fear needs us to be sons of Issachar—understanding th...

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A Prayer Journey Through A Global Pandemic

Fear and panic seem to be running rampant across the globe as the COVID-19 pandemic wreaks havoc in one continent, country, and community at a time. As healthcare professionals and missionaries, many of us will be on the front lines battling this pandemic, caring for the sick and vulnerable. As believers in Christ, we have the amazing opportunity to stand boldly in faith and dispel fear and pan...

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When COVID-19 Closes Doors

I have been pondering in my heart this sudden grounding of travel and thus missions. My job is sending out healthcare mission teams around the globe. We have, or should I say had 58 teams going to 25 different countries in the next year. We have now grounded 14 of them with the end of our “no gos” uncertain. On a much smaller scale, I have been here before. I was on a mission to ...

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Christian Hospital Response In The Middle East

“I’m scared, Doc. I don’t want to get this virus.” These were the words of my associate, a wonderful young Muslim woman with young children. Her face was full of anxiety and despair. I whispered a silent prayer as I sought to reassure her and give her hope. I wanted to echo and further explain the message that has been communicated from the leadership of our Christian mi...

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A Pastor’s Encouragement To Healthcare Workers

By Greg Allen Our world has been devasted by disease before…many times. COVID-19 is not the first disease to create great fear for the people on this planet and cause them to become consumed with self-survival. This is a perfect opportunity for the people of GOD to demonstrate the peace and compassion that comes from the privilege of belonging to the One who created this world and the...

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What The World Needs Right Now

When we landed in our target country a few weeks ago, the word “pandemic” still seemed like a remote possibility that elicited varied responses. From calm reassurance to outright mockery that this could ever get that far, everyone had an opinion. What a difference a few weeks make. We set out to Africa as first time long-term, full-time missionaries. During our travel we saw a few m...

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Seeing God In Action Through COVID-19 Eyes

My wife Wannee went to the Philippines on Leap Year Day. Why would she want to go there, especially with coronavirus on the horizon? So that she, an OMF short-term worker coordinator, could see some highlights of integrated (holistic) outreach there in a two-week period. Short-term-worker coordinators there and new friends took her on an amazing journey to see outreach in three parts of the cou...

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Rallying Call Christian Health Care Workers: Perspective And Response For COVID-19

We watched it grow. At first, it was pretty distant unless you live in China, or specifically in Wuhan. It increased in size and its impact travelled before it. Eventually, it was declared a pandemic and its blow thundered across the nations, globally. It’s no longer business as usual all over the world, in every sector, including the church. We are in disaster response status. As Chri...

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A Healthcare Student’s Role During The COVID-19 Pandemic

This week reminds me of the days in the 1980s when I worked in Africa. It was the beginning of the HIV/AIDS crisis. I worked in a rural hospital and school of nursing in a tropical rain forest. I was uninformed about HIV/AIDS. Nursing students continued to care for patients with resistant tuberculosis and ‘wasting syndrome.’ Blood samples were collected and hand-carried in a thermos...

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