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The World at Work - McKinsey & Co.

Check out this article written by McKinsey & Company analyzing the labor supply & demand in the midst of one of the most prominent talent shortage crises our world has seen. 

Here are some of the hurdles the global economy could face by the year 2020: 

  • 38 million to 40 million fewer workers with tertiary education (college or postgraduate degrees) than employers will need, or 13 percent of the demand for such workers
  • 45 million too few workers with secondary education in developing economies, or 15 percent of the demand for such workers
  • 90 million to 95 million more low-skill workers (those without college training in advanced economies or without even secondary education in developing economies) than employers will need, or 11 percent oversupply of such workers

Click the button to read the full article from and listen to an accompanying podcast

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Sharing Stories

Many of us are returning from a variety of summer adventures where we were able to serve another group of people somewhere in the world.  Stories become amazing ways for us to share with each other what we’ve learned and what the Lord is teaching us.  Stories also allow us to share our personal experiences and to explore the opportunities that are available in the world of medical missions.  

We invite you to share your story about your summer and how you may have engaged in domestic or international missions… short term or long term.  You may never know the encouragement someone will receive in reading your story.  

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Partnerships - Jamie Saint

In the mission field today, there is no shortage of work that needs to be done. Small minded thinking tells us that we are the only ones trying to accomplish a particular mission or that we are the only ones that can do it right. By working together as the body of Christ, we can accomplish more together than we can alone.

Educational Objectives
- Think of new ways to empower Christ-followers around the world to do for themselves rather than going and doing things for them
- Examples from the field of training & equipping on short term mission trips
- How we can think long-term rather than short-term
- Understanding the strengths (and weaknesses) of your ministry or organization in order to effectively partner with others
- Realize that no organization has all the answers
- It's time to think differently

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Women in Missions - Rebekah Naylor

This session will discuss the role of women in health care missions today. It will include examples and personal stories that will encourage expanded vision and new perspectives on opportunities and needs.

Educational Objectives
After this session participants will be able to:
1.Identify possible roles for women in health care missions
2.Identify some barriers for women in health care missions
3.Identify steps for preparation for mission service

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