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How to Share Your Faith at Work

If you're not being intentional here, how can you be intentional there? 

I think we've all heard this statement when it comes to evangelism in our daily lives and looking to make disciples in another part of the world. We think it is safe to say that we can all improve in the area of being "intentional" to share the gospel where we honestly, spend most of our time: work. 

But what does that mean? And how do we share the gospel without creating awkward exchanges and forcing the message? 

The Gospel Coalition shares an article by Sebastian Traeger and Greg Gilbert from their book, The Gospel at Work: How Working for King Jesus Gives Purpose and Meaning to Our LivesThis article gives you 5 practical suggestions to help you share the gospel at work. 

Read the full excerpt by clicking the link to the full article below. 



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15 Things You Need to Know About Working Abroad

I'm looking at taking a job overseas. Where do I start!? 

The excitement of starting life in a new place can sometimes be overshadowed by the daunting logistics to get you there. Take everything one focused step at time by reading "15 Things You Need to Know About Working Abroad" by The Muse

This articles breakdowns some of the major concepts and logistics to conquer at the start of your journey.

Click the button below to view the full article. 


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John Piper: How Do I Fight Pride When Competing in School, Business, and Sports?

We all want to be the best.

Whether that is in a professional setting, or maybe just playing sports around our community. We want to give it our all and our best to honor God and the gifts and talents He has given us. 

How do we do that without stepping into the obsessive comparison and ultra-competitiveness that pride can bring?

Take a listen as John Piper delivers this message and tackles this balance through his Ask Pastor John podcast on 

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Playing God and Other Ethical Issues in Missionary Medicine

There is little in the medical literature about applying the basic tenets of medical ethics in resource limited situations common in mission hospitals. For example, healthcare professionals are taught not to attempt medical or surgical interventions they have not be trained to do. That prohibition will be quickly violated when you are the only option for the patient. With real life stories and practical suggestions, this talk prepares future missionaries to serve well and ethically overseas.

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"What if the bravest thing you can do as a parent, is trust God with your children?"

The Lord may be calling you and your family to a more dangerous area, a new vocation, a far away land where the people need believers are you willing and ready to go ?

In a "Christianity Today" article the author talks about the ins and outs of entrusting your children to the Lord... daily. The author (Rachel) and her husband moved to Africa fifteen years ago where they took a job and indeed brought their children with them. This article is so helpful in instilling the importance of faith and trust into our children. To actually practice what we preach and, "live outside of the camp," where things are more than likely scary and unfamiliar. 

The couple were inspired by the words of John Piper years ago when he said, " What is the greatest good you can do for your children?”

We believed strongly that “moving toward need” was one of the greatest goods we could do for them.


Continue reading this article and try and revel in the glory of the frame work God has created and continues to grow within your children. Raise them up in truth and love , and  like most things, leave the rest to the all mighty God

Comment below with situations in which you had to 'let go and let God' in the lives of your children-


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