Substance Use in the Middle East- Pilot Intervention in Opportunistic Settings in Egypt

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The Substance Use Disorder (SUD) crisis in the Middle East continues to escalate beyond epidemic proportions invading all society levels. This is while access to prevention, treatment and recovery lags especially for the most vulnerable pockets of society. Social determinants including inherent culture, stigma, unaffordable cost, and limitation of trained addiction specialists and facilities limit access to treatment and recovery, especially for populations at disparities. This session will survey the epidemiology of addiction in the Middle East, focusing on Egypt. You will learn of alternative routes to address Nicotine Dependence Disorder (NDD) through an evidence-based public health intervention for blue collar workers at their workplace, involving them as partners in their treatment and healing. Will demonstrate how the love of God turns around the lives of otherwise unreached people through your God-given talents in medicine and public health. The mission field is white already to harvest, hop on!

Session recorded on Friday, November 10th during Session Block #4 at 2:30 PM EST ; Speaker: Maha Asham

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