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This is a series of sessions from leading experts in healthcare missions.

Single Minded Singleness: Handling the Challenges & Rewards of Being Unmarried in Missions

There are a lot of advantages and freedoms for serving alone in ministry, like super-focus on tasks without interruption, managing time schedule and work, budget/finances for money spending, housing/moving for living situations, building friendships/engaging in social activities for enhancing outreach, and traveling/planning/ decision-making. However, there are some challenges for long-term singleness in ministry, whether serving across town or across the border, which can be emotionally unsettling and may create inner dissatisfaction, even frequent frustration. Not knowing how to handle unfulfilled desires, unmet needs, aloneness-loneliness, etc., can rather hinder the sense of contentment and decrease the effectiveness of the personal servant. We all have an innate need to nurture and be nurtured, to care for other as well as to be cared for by others. People with low (or poor) social skills have a tendency to struggle further and alone. In this session we will highlight the joys-rewards and the challenges-struggles of singles on missions. We will define terminologies, correct misconceptions, encourage realistic expectations of self-others-life-God, rediscover a biblical paradigm for contented aloneness/singleness, and present practical suggestions or guidelines for Singles in Ministry: How to build healthy relationships with the opposite gender and how begin looking for partner-companion-mate via courtship. How to translate our frustration(s) into strengths and build a Koinonia around us (communion hub) that is mutually nurturing and empowering. How to cultivate single-mindedness, joy along the journey, and higher aspirations for the Kingdom while Cultivating Eternity in our Hearts, so that we know what God is doing from beginning to end. Finally, the presenter will share from his personal journey of 40 years of cross-cultural service and global ministry, who is still single-never married person. https://bit.ly/gmhc2022_najiabihashem_singlemindedsingleness

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Emotional Healing Matters: 4 Proven Biblical Keys You Can Use

Your emotional health matters as you join God in His work among the nations. There are four proven biblical keys to receive your emotional healing and use to minister to others. Using these keys will help you to stay emotional healthy as you serve others.

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Responding to Gods Command and Commission

In this session, It will seek to help guide you on how to respond to God’s Command and Commission, The quest for discovering and following God’s will and purpose for one’s life is often an illusion to many children of the Living God, Many believers resorts to imitating others and or live a hypocritical phantom life as they are tied down to daily engagements and undertakings of everyday life, It is hoped that discovering the reason for living your life with purpose is made easier. You will discover the purpose for which God design you and gain the confidence to fruitfully be where you belong, through the power of the Holy Spirit. You will be guided through a biblical process and principles to seeing exactly God’s intent for your unique being and person, as Gods design, where you will discover that It all began with God before the foundations of the earth. Ever since, before the fall of humanity, God has you in mind, and he designed you for a purpose and through a process, but as a result of the departure of humans from God, through disbelief, you became blind and were kept ignorant of His plans for you. However, you will discover that His Deep love and Great Mercy, God called you to salvation, you became a new creature and adopted as His Child, hence He qualified you, by being a new creature in His image, He desires for you to return and rediscover His plan and purpose for your life As He God Intended. Responding to Gods Command and Commission, is a call to be ready, Dressed for service fully equipped and Lacking in nothing as you Respond through Obedience, based on a biblical Principles, These herculean task by helping you identify your uniqueness within the body of Christ, and to enable you walk confidently and victoriously where you belong in the program of God through the enabling power of the Holy Spirit. Finally, through the Scriptures and the Power of the Holy Spirit, You will be exposed and guided to God’s Command and Commission, That you begin to instantly manifest the reality of your purpose for living, Emblemed and empowered with full of Zeal, Passion and Fruitfulness, Genuinely ready for all the good works God has designed you to accomplish – Loving God with all your heart, soul and strength and loving others through your service of obedience to his Commission, Praying, Evangelizing, Discipling, Equipping and living a lasting fruit to the Glory of God. Our focus will be what it does take to be dressed, ready for service from your call to salvation to your call to service, Exploring your Meditational life, Family Life and a life of Obedience to His Command and Commission. AS YOU RESPONDING TO GOD’S COMMAND AND COMMISSION

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"The Talk about . . . fundraising and MedSend's solution"

Are you comfortable asking people for money? Do you understand the critical areas you must address if you are going to ask people to invest in you? This session will give you an understanding of the basics in fundraising that is fundamental to anyone in ministry. You will learn 5 critical things you must do in order to raise your own support. There is a solution to the obstacle of educational loans which often prevent many from going due to the amount of money that must be raised – MedSend. Additionally, you will understand how to qualify for a MedSend grant and what the Board is looking for in those who apply. Finally, you will gain and understanding of what you need to be doing right now if you are hoping to go to the field soon, next steps.

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