Welcome to the MedicalMissions.com Podcast

This is a series of sessions from leading experts in healthcare missions.

Relocating to the Neighborhood: A conversation about Life, Faith, and Race Relations

In this roundtable discussion, several staff of Lawndale Christian Health Center and a local ministry leader, all residents of North and South Lawndale neighborhood, will share their experiences and discuss the principle of Relocation in the context of Christian Community Development.

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Short Term Opportunities for OT/PT/ST

This detailed session will decribe 3 shorterm mission opportunities shared from experienced Physical Therapists who will speak first hand regarding short term trips( Global Health Outreach) , teaching opportunities ( Medical Education International) and foreign hospital service ( Tenwek Hospital).

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Five Lessons Learned from Surveys of Spiritual Programs at Mission Hospitals

A review of the lessons learned from surveys of mission hospitals in 7 developing countries to identify the key best practices that have been successful at improving the spiritual ministry of the hospital, involving staff more fully and improving effectiveness of evangelism with patients and families.

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Exploding the Myths of Missions

This session will address five common misconceptions about missions that are based on assumptions and conspire to prevent people from exploring their own fit in mission.

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Assessing Efficacy of Short Term Missions: Studies from Latin America

Do you participate in short-term medical relief trips? In this session, relief organizations and volunteers (both medical and non-medical) will be challenged to think deeply about the practices they employ in the field and the impact they make on foreign patients/communities. We have high standards for health care in the United States, but there currently exists no standardized way of assessing the methods implemented and services offered by short-term medical missions in the field. This session hopes to build off of participants' brainstorming and also introduce participants to a novel self-assessment framework to assess the efficacy, sustainability, and long-term impact of your organization(s).

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