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This is a series of sessions from leading experts in healthcare missions.

Muslim Movements to Christ

Whether or not they all identify as Christians like us, tens of thousands of Muslims from diverse corners of the Muslim world are transferring allegiance from Mohammed and the Qur'an to Messiah Jesus and His Kingdom. They welcome you and your medical skills to serve with them in the Muslim World. But what's your ultimate objective? Is it physically healed Muslims, a few of whom join churches? Or is it a Church Planting Movement among Muslims who transfer their allegiance to Jesus and then bring in His Kingdom? It's easy to focus on the former and pay too little attention to the latter. You'll learn of "Muslim Believers" who focus on both ... and how you can participate.

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Faith Over Fear

Fear, in its various manifestations, is one of the Enemy's most effective means of limiting our obedience. The Bible offers practical strategies for overcoming fear with faith--many of which are demonstrated in an Old Testament story of sex trafficking, racial hatred, and genocide.

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Better together: Living on Mission with Gen Z

Why does it often seem that each generation describes the other with skepticism, negativity and suspicion? Answer: we have become experts at comparison and novices at teamwork. What if God wants generational leadership to take place, where two-way mentoring occurs? What would it look like for each generation to brings its strengths to the table for maximum Kingdom impact?

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Fighting the Fear of Fundraising

Some mission experts estimate that up to 90% of young people who consider missions cease to pursue it because of various fears and obstacles, including the fear of fundraising. This session will help participants: 1. Identify various obstacles and fears relating to fundraising 2. Consider ways that God can help us overcome these barriers 3. Become aware of best resources and training materials used to help missionaries build and maintain a full and engaged prayer and financial support team 4. Know what questions to ask about support raising with possible mission agencies when evaluating where and how God will have you serve

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Gender Identity Questions

For many years, hormonal and surgical treatment of persons deemed to have gender dysphoria was offered almost covertly by a handful of endocrinologists and surgeons as a tiny part of their practice. With the enormous increase in social acceptability of transgendered people in parts of the world, this area has become a hot topic from medical school to subspecialty fellowship programs. High-visibility guidelines for care have been developed and transgender specialty clinics are now widely available in North America and Europe. This session will be focused upon the current definitions, processes and practices currently used by transgender clinics with additional review of potential safety concerns. Potential ethical and societal questions and global acceptance of transgender medicine may be raised to stimulate later discussions.

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