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This is a series of sessions from leading experts in healthcare missions.

Pioneering with Indigenous Leaders

Jericho Road is a Christian federally qualified community health center in Buffalo , NY that provides care to marginalized and vulnerable populations , including many refugees from over 80 nations. Since 2009 Jericho Road has followed some of their refugee friends back home to their countries of origin and have helped them start and operate health centers that also serve the most vulnerable. Today Jericho Road operates health centers in Sierra Leone, Democratic Republic of Congo and Nepal. Each of these health centers is led and operated by local folks from those countries. By empowering local leaders Jericho Road in Buffalo has been richly blessed and our ability to demonstrate the love of Jesus has been enhanced. This workshop will focus on the lessons we have learned along the way.

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Spiritual Warfare

Spiritual warfare is an often misunderstood or neglected aspect in the preparation for missions. This session will briefly overview the Biblical understanding of spiritual warfare and examine how our Western worldview (which is not entirely Biblical) is often limited in addressing the broad needs present in a host culture. As some illnesses may be spiritual in their origins, an appropriate understanding and application of spiritual warfare can bring a comprehensive view to treating illness. Also, some basic weapons necessary to prevail in warfare will be presented.

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Stories from Sharing the Gospel in Missions

Jesus commanded us to heal the sick and to make disciples. In this session I will teach you how I use a story-telling format to share the gospel, and share stories of healing and human needs ministries that were paired with disciple-making. These stories are taken from twenty-five years of medical missions experience among unreached peoples.

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Theology of Risk: What is the Christian Response to Covid 19?

In a world characterized by pandemic, poverty, war, and terrorism how do we assess risk and serve with confidence? Expand on the theology of God’s gracious and guiding divine intervention for those called to faithful service in a fallen world.

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Training Indigenous Christ Followers for Long Term Sustainability

The idea that missions is about going and doing for people in other countries is being replaced by seeing missions as a relay race. We need to train indigenous Christ followers with skills their people need so they can meet real needs in their communities as a door opener to share the Gospel. This training must be focused, in-depth, and self sustaining so that we do not create dependency.

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