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This is a series of sessions from leading experts in healthcare missions.

Geopolitical & Cultural Changes & the Great Commission

This is not our grandparents' world, with clear First, Second, and Third World nations. Accelerating worldwide social, cultural, and political changes call for reflection and alteration of our missionary strategies.

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Home Based Care as Mission

In India, it is not easy to witness to Urban dwellers about the Lord. Cannot go from door to door. Most of the church planting has been done in rural areas.Home based care gives health care workers an opportunity to develop relationships with our Urban non-Christian neighbors. More than 60 million Indians go below the poverty line each year due to medical care expenses. Often the hospital admissions and investigations are unnecessary. Home based care can help reduce health care expenses. We present what our home based care company PISCES health and Wellness is doing in India.

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How Telehealth can Improve Health Outcomes in the Mission Field

In this session we will discuss how telehealth and technology can be used to improve patient healthcare in medical missions, streamline the continuity of care through digital health records and improve patient health outcome with technologies that enables physicians to continue to monitor their patients' progress long after the short-term mission trip.

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How to Integrate your Profession with your Faith

Have you longed to integrate your Christian faith into your patient care – on the mission field abroad, in your work at home, and during your training? Not sure how to do this in a caring, ethical, sensitive, and relevant manner? This “working” session will explore the ethical basis for spiritual care plus provide you with profession, timely, and practical methods to care for the whole person in the clinical setting.

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Integrating Wholistic Health - An Interactive Exercise

We tend to perceive our health by the physiological functionality of our bodies. The gospel message and the Kingdom perspective of the parables paint a wholistic picture of health that defines us as spiritual beings with specific roles to play in God’s Kingdom expansion around the world. The life-giving attributes of God’s Spirit seen in Jesus’s life and stories depict an intentionality worthy of deeper assessment so that we too can have a greater impact in and through our lives.

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