Welcome to the MedicalMissions.com Podcast

This is a series of sessions from leading experts in healthcare missions.

Medical Equipment for Missionary Doctors

Andrew and Deborah Wynn have been helping missionary doctors acquire and source affordable medical equipment for Christ-centered medical missions for over 4 years. They will give a talk and practical demonstration on the tips and tricks in acquiring the highest quality medical equipment at the best prices and showcase a variety of important medical tools useful for practicing in remote conditions. Whether physician, students, nurses, or administrators, all are welcome. Please bring lots of questions!

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Flesh and Blood: A Necessary Introduction to Medical Missions Anthropology

Christian healthcare professionals working in cross-cultural settings need to understand medical anthropology from a perspective that goes beyond the classical "knowledge-attitudes-practices" model. This session will cover essential questions about how people of different backgrounds can understand the body, illness, health and healing as well as highlight some of the challenges in walking the line between "cultural relativism" and Biblical truths.

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Case Study: 100 Churches Planted by Medical Workers

Strategic indigenous medical training to impact the Church Planting Movement and the Kingdom of Heaven.

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Psychiatry & Missions

Learn about GMH (Global Mental Health) and resources for integrating this into your general medical and global health practices - through clinical vignettes from our practice in LMICs.

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The Curse and the Cure

A challenge to see the world the way that God sees it, under a curse and under the management of the devil. The good news is all of that comes to an end when the cure, Jesus, is taken to all nations. How will you be a part of this big thing that God is doing?

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