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This is a series of sessions from leading experts in healthcare missions.

How to Motivate People to Change Their Health Practices

Knowledge of good health practices often does not change health behaviors. This session will share proven ways to motivate people to change their health behaviors using non-financial incentives as demonstrated in a community health program that has changed the health of 1.2 million people. These techniques are applicable in both the USA or abroad.

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Biblical Call to Emergency Response

The Christian community has long used medical skills as a means to share God’s love. Often our default thinking includes a missionary doctor in an established clinic, but God is presenting more opportunities for Christians to answer the call to serve the critical needs of others through emergency responses. How can we use the skills and resources God is already preparing so that His love may be shared with those caught in the ditches of life? This session will communicate some of the biblical principles that support emergency responses, showcase ways that these responses are having an impact for the Gospel, and describe some unique components of successful disaster response efforts. 

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Brain Hierarchy of Neuro Development

If you’ve spent any time with children or adolescents overseas, you know that behavioral problems, learning difficulties, and developmental delays are not restricted to the United States. Yet across all environments, we find that the traditional approaches often leave us feeling frustrated and unsuccessful. What if delays in social interactions, academics, emotional regulation, and daily living skills are actually symptoms of a more rudimentary concern? Children living in environments of poverty, turmoil, and/or disease are not in ideal circumstances for optimal development. By using the brain hierarchy of neuro development, participants will leave this session understanding how a child’s history may impact their overall potential and how to unlock success in a culturally sensitive manner.

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Indispensably Valuable, Irreplaceable Powerful, and Inconsistently Utilized; The Bible and its Centrality in Preparing for Medical Missions

Nearly all Christians acknowledge the Bible as God's word, but many disciples, including aspiring health care missionaries, struggle to consistently apply its power to their lives and ministries. Come be encouraged to systematically read, love, and be transformed by the Holy Spirit's most powerful tool. Your future fruitfulness depends on it.

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Specialty Care Solutions in the Developing World - Pitfalls and Potential

Public health measures such as vaccines and clean water are certainly critical and foundational to transforming health in a limited resource setting. However there are times as a long term medical missionary when the huge health disparities between specialty medical care in the developing and the developed world motivate one to initiate specialized treatment programs where none exist. We will discuss the factors to consider in beginning and sustaining these programs in extremely limited resource settings with examples from neonatology, hematology, and oncology at Kibuye Hope Hospital, a 170 bed teaching hospital in rural Burundi.

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