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This is a series of sessions from leading experts in healthcare missions.

Triage in International Emergencies

This session will discuss how triage fits into the overall plan for patient treatment in disaster settings, and how it is an imprecise art. There will be a discussion about who should be a triage officer. Consideration will be given to the necessity of designing incident specific triage, or multiple triage areas. Factors of pre and post triage flow is discussed, as will be the limitations and challenges of international settings.

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Operational and Management Issues in Disaster Response

Opening and operating an emergency field hospital in a disaster setting has many interesting challenges.  Operational areas such as base operations, procurement, communications, staffing and others must function differently when in disaster response mode.  This session will talk through some of those challenges and lessons learned from several of our past responses.

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Public Health solutions to the current Opioid Crisis

This interactive session will help attendees to better understand the current opioid crisis and possible public health responses. Attendees will leave the session with evidence based plans for approaching opioid abuse in clinical as well as community settings. The session will engage participants using technology and discussion.

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Keeping the Faith When Ministry Gets Hard

It is a privilege to be called by the Lord to serve him in Medical Missions. Keeping our spiritual health is vital to walking in the journey of caring for others, particularly in difficult circumstances for the patients or for the ministry. This session will be a time of considering the many ways difficulties in ministry might have us lose our focus or joy as we serve. We will look at ways to keep our spiritual and emotional health in difficult circumstances as well as how Scripture leads us to lean on the Lord during these times and other helps that we might have during these times.

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Ensuring Safe and Healthy Missions

Missionaries and others who travel to provide humanitarian aid or disaster relief must ensure their personal health and well-being before, during, and after travel. Preparation for safe and healthy travel is critical, particularly when individuals may be traveling to a resource-limited environment. Outbreaks of infectious disease have been documented among missionaries, including both short- and long-term missionaries. Recent examples include dengue infections in multiple groups of missionaries to the Caribbean. Missionaries may face challenges such as working long hours under adverse or extreme conditions, and medical missionaries may be exposed to infectious diseases as part of their work. Missionaries with medical backgrounds may also find themselves in the position of monitoring the health of other missionaries in their group. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention offers recommendations and resources for safe and healthy travel.

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