Dave Maddy

David M Maddy DMD: Clinical Assistant Professor University of Louisville Dental School

Dave Maddy, DMD, graduated dental school from the University of Louisville in 1981 and had a general dental practice for 31 years in Bradenton, Florida. Shortly after his first medical mission trip in 1997, he was saved by the grace of God. Because of this life-changing experience, God has given him a passion for leading others on trips watching as his Savior also pours His grace upon not only those that are medically treated but also those that He brings along to help. Since then, he has led more than 30 medical teams on trips to the countries of Venezuela, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Kenya, Ukraine, Haiti, Honduras and Peru. Through the years, he has included his family, church members and friends. In August 2012, Dave accepted an invitation to become a clinical assistant professor at the University of Louisville School of Dentistry to help in training the next generation of dental clinicians. He has become active in the school’s local CMDA chapter. He has taken his passion for short-term medical missions and is now including the dental students and dental hygiene students at his school to also help train the next generation of medical missionaries. Although the teams he leads have a strong dental component, they are a multi-disciplinary medical team. There is an emphasis placed on taking not only professionals from other medical disciplines (MD, nursing, pharmacy, physical therapy) but also including students in these disciplines as well.