Dave Maddy

David M Maddy DMD: Clinical Assistant Professor University of Louisville Dental School

A simple yes can change the course of your life: testimonies of hope and encouragement as God leads

  • Panel Discussion
  • Main Building ED 312/313
  • November 10 2017 9:20 AM - 10:20 AM

This is a Student Focused session for medical, dental, pharmacy, nursing and all other health related future practitioners. This session is open to all beyond students, please feel welcomed and come.

Most of us go through our medical training with the future thoughts of practicing in our health-related fields as our life profession somewhere. It is here that our lives will develop and our stories will unfold. Many of us have preconceived thoughts of living in a community, raising a family and serving our Lord at our local church. And it is here also that we will one day finish our careers and then retire.
Sometimes our lives change course. And sometimes it just takes a simple “Yes” for that change to occur. Come and hear testimonies of hope and encouragement from a panel of medical providers that God had changed the course of their lives. Come and dream of the wonders that God has planned for you as you hear stories of His providential calling.

Panel Members will include:
David Stevens MD: CEO of Christian Medical and Dental Associations
Charlie Vittitow DMD: Missions Director at Southeast Christian Church
Tricia Burgess MD: Upcoming Director of Global Health Outreach
David Maddy DMD: Clinical Assistant Professor and Director of International Outreach and Service Learning, University of Louisville School of Dentistry