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Medical missionary in Burundi with Serge seeking "Grace at the Fray" as a med/peds physician, clinical educator, and teammate

Ambrose Emmanuel

By Dr. Ambrose Emmanuel

Arnold Gorske

Arnold Gorske MD, FAAP

Charity Burke

Orthopaedic trained hand surgeon with Louisville Arm and Hand, Clinical instructor Department

Christine Rogers

Worshiper of Our Creator. Wife of the Most Ravishing Man. Proudest Mama. Pediatric OT in Colorado Springs.

Dave Maddy

David M Maddy DMD: Clinical Assistant Professor University of Louisville Dental School

Diego Espinoza

Diego Espinoza, M.D., Founder of Clinicas, INC

Jeff Barrows

Dr. Jeff Barrows, Founder of Gracehaven


James Smith, MD, Professor Emeritus, Oregon Health and Science University


Ophthalmologist and Team Leader, Kibuye, Burundi, East Africa

Mark Crouch

Medical missionary in Papua New Guinea. Husband, father of four and life-long learner and disciple.

MEI Director

MD, MPH, MA (Bioethics), PhD


Thousands of Muslims are entering the Kingdom through Jesus ... but still remaining Muslim. How should medical missionaries respond?

Patrick Fung

Serving God's purpose in our generation- Mission beyond Medicine

Rick Allen

CEO, MedSend

Rick Schurman PT

Treating spinal pain for the Non-Physical Therapist

Tim Williams

Empowering Indigenous Believers

Tity Kpandeyenge

Tity Kpandeyenge, MD, PGY-3


Short Term Missions in Spiritually Dark Cultures

Walt Larimore

Family Physician and Author

Whitney Brock

Whitney Brock, DO PGY 3

You Na Kheir

You Na P. Kheir, MD, Kelly Brandwene, MS OTR/L