How do I get there?

  • Need a map? Directions?  CLICK HERE
  • You will need your own transportation from your hotel to Southeast Christian Church each day. 

How should I dress?

  • Dress for the conference is casual - jeans are acceptable
  • Ties for men are not necessary. 
  • Typical weather conditions for this time of year are cool with possible rain CHECK LOCAL WEATHER

What meals are included?

The following meals are included in your registration:

  • Thursday - Dinner
  • Friday - Lunch and Dinner
  • Saturday - Lunch

*Vegetarian meals are available at the conference.

Is childcare available?

  • There is NO childcare provided at the conference. 
  • We ask that parents of children under 6 not attend the programs or breakout sessions with their children.

Does GMHC offer refunds?

We do NOT offer refunds.

Does the GMHC have an approved housing vendor?

Yes. The GMHC is working with AFC Travel to book hotels. Any other organization that may contact you through email or phone call is NOT associated with the GMHC.

Solicitation of MedicalMissions.com organizations can result in removal of personal and organization profile from the site.  

Solicitation of GMHC organizations can result in immediate cancellation without financial remittance.  

Any organization that solicits members of the MedicalMissions.com community will be blocked unless they have written permission from the GMHC.  

The staff of MedicalMissions.com reserves the right to remove any personal or organization profile if site terms and rules are not followed.