Ambrose Emmanuel

Physician, preacher and public health professional working with cornered and unreached people in Pakistan, especially those in bonded labor

The oppressed community: dealing with bonded labor in Pakistan and India

  • Breakout Session
  • Main Building ATCR 207/209
  • November 11 2017 8:00 AM - 9:00 AM

Bonded labor is still a massive issue in the Subcontinent and despite all the technological advancements in the field of brick making, in Pakistan and India, still the centuries-old skill of manual brick making is used. The laborers are paid very less and are totally deprived of not only the health facilities and clean water but also the gospel. They don't know the Lord and they are bound to work regardless of the work conditions. We are working with the unreached groups like these in Pakistan and we exclusively share the good news of Christ's love with them through medicine and health care education.
God has given me the burden to take my family medicine practice and skill of public health out in the remote areas of Pakistan to reach out to these unreached and untouched people who are neglected not only by the society but also the so-called top most Christian leadership of the country. We have seen excellent results as not only improved health status but also people being won for Christ.


Strengthening the local church
Making disciples
Empowerment of the youth
Health education and disease prevention
Water sanitation & vaccination