InnerCity HealthCare Ministry

  • Keynote
  • Main Building FH 131
  • November 11 2017 8:00 AM - 9:00 AM

This presentation will describe the history and context of Miriam Medical Clinics (MMC), an urban clinic managing healthcare in an under-served setting in Philadelphia, PA. MMC is just over 3 years old and has discovered the sometimes daunting challenges of providing services to uninsured and under insured patients. While primary healthcare is our profession, delivering hope is our passion and mission. In the ever changing and difficult world of healthcare, many patients are in despair, seeking love, compassion and care. MMC has a vision of delivering these tangible attributes by providing help for the patient's physical illness, transformed into God's Grace and hope. In a city where there are 6 medical schools and 1 out of 6 healthcare professionals in the U.S. train, we are using this Grace to change the paradigm of healthcare delivery. We are looking at ways to partner with other such care givers in the body of Christ.