Community Health Evangelism

  • Panel Discussion
  • Main Building ED 214/215
  • November 10 2017 1:30 PM - 4:30 PM

Public Health as Mission:
Historically, the focus of medical missions has often been individual, curative health care services. However, many field practitioners have realized after years of hard (and occasionally frustrating) work that an intentional approach to population health leads to improved health for larger numbers of people and a decline in acute, treatable but preventable diseases. When population health is combined with a clear message of the Good News of Christ, the result is often wholistic transformation of bodies and souls for both individuals and communities. This subtopic examines the principles of population or public health and how these principles facilitate community transformation.

Integrating CHE into Primary Care Practice:
The WHO and our most respected medical journals, such as The Lancet, have long reported that the integration of community health into primary care practice is the key to the very future of healthcare. (For example, see WHO's "Building from Common Foundations" and "Primary Care, Now More Than Ever" and The Lancet Volume 372, Page 872)

Best Practices in Community Health:
Sustainable community health development requires participatory approaches that put the community at the center of its health and development. Explore principles, practices, and example activities in community health that effectively engage communities and facilitate transformation.

CHE/Transformation Development Case Study:
Transforming lives and Communities through the seamless integration of evangelism, discipleship, disease prevention, and community owned development. This subtopic will explain and explore the core values that make CHE work across the globe: Multiplication, Wholistic & Integration, Community Ownership, Development verses Relief by looking at a case study of a community which has been transformed in measurable ways.

Transitioning from Short-term Medical Teams to Sustainable Community Development:
This session will focus on how to transition from typical short-term medical teams to models that result in sustainable community development