Christine Rogers

Worshiper of Our Creator. Wife of the Most Ravishing Man. Proudest Mama. Pediatric OT in Colorado Springs.

Brain Hierarchy of Neuro Development

  • Breakout Session
  • Main Building ED 312/313
  • November 11 2017 9:20 AM - 10:20 AM
  • P, AAFP, PA, NP, N, D (1 hour)

If you’ve spent any time with children or adolescents overseas, you know that behavioral problems, learning difficulties, and developmental delays are not restricted to the United States. Yet across all environments, we find that the traditional approaches often leave us feeling frustrated and unsuccessful. What if delays in social interactions, academics, emotional regulation, and daily living skills are actually symptoms of a more rudimentary concern? Children living in environments of poverty, turmoil, and/or disease are not in ideal circumstances for optimal development. By using the brain hierarchy of neuro development, participants will leave this session understanding how a child’s history may impact their overall potential and how to unlock success in a culturally sensitive manner.


1) To demonstrate an understanding of the hierarchy of brain development and the impact affected developmental stages may have on overall function.
2) To identify culturally sensitive approaches that allow the child recover missed stages of development and improve success in daily life.
3) To identify characteristics of increased resiliency to reduce developmental detriment in environments of hardship.