Biblical Foundations

  • Panel Discussion
  • Main Building ED 312/313
  • November 10 2017 1:30 PM - 4:30 PM

Knowing and Engaging God's Will:
Approaching God's will as guidance and leading, rather than a roadmap

God's Peace in a World of Chaos:
We have far more to do than can possibly be done and we feel pulled in every direction. On top of that, the world around us seems increasingly chaotic What must we do to live and experience God's peace in our lives?

Living Missionally in Your Life and Career Path:
Missions is just for full-time missionaries. Everyone is called to live missionally wherever we are and whatever we do. How can we learn to live missionally with our various gifts, jobs, and career-paths?

Crosscultural Living:
Living crossculturally is something we sometimes have to do, like when we move to another country or even a different part of this one, or we have to pursue in our own cities and towns. How do we approach crosscultural living and how do we engage others from different cultural backgrounds, whether around the world or right here at home.

Engaging My Muslim Neighbor:
It's one thing to study and try to understand Islam, it's another to meet and engage Muslims. In this session we will consider some basic issues and explore practical ways to meet and minister to our Muslim neighbors.