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Effective Sending: How to Craft a Career and Lifestyle to Maximize Global Missions from Home

What if I don't end up on the mission field? Or what if unforeseeable circumstances keep me from staying there? Statistically, the vast majority of Christians - even those who go to the field - will spend most of their career in their home country. But this reality does not have to reduce your participation in global missions; it can significantly amplify it instead! Join us to explore how ...

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What's your God-given S.H.A.P.E?

What's your God-given S.H.A.P.E? Rudy was a yellow-naped Amazon parrot, hand-raised by a woman from North Carolina. In this environment, Rudy learned to mimic and “talk” with his owner’s exact accent and tone. It was hilarious! A more far-reaching impact of this human imprinting, however, was that Rudy never learned to fly. Consequently, he spent his whole life...

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6 practical ways to serve God through missionary work

How will you serve God? Learn six (6) practical ways to serve God through missionary work.

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Coronavirus and Missions: Finding the Balance Between Facts and Faith

In this post, Dr. Ginger Cameron discusses the Coronavirus and Missions. She talks about finding balance between facts and faith. Learn three simple steps to help you make your decision.

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Are you a nurse? It’s time to serve. Find nursing mission trips.

Are you a nurse? Are you ready to serve where God sends you? It’s time to serve. Find nursing mission trips and learn more about how you can help people in this post.

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What I wish everyone knew about international medical relief.

There are some common questions you should know about when it comes to missions. Here's what I wish everyone knew about international medical relief.

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Are medical mission trips worth it?

Are medical mission trips worth it? The answer is yes. But, you can find out all of the reasons why it's worth it in this post.

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Andy Stanley: Work It

Check out this insightful message from Andy Stanley on his YourMove series on what it looks like to TRULY be a light in your workplace. Your job matters. The people you work with matter. What you do matters. In this episode, Andy looks at how to go the extra mile and make a difference in the workplace. - Click the button below to watch the sermon on video or download the a...

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5 Ways Working Internationally Can Boost Your Career

The world needs what you have — your talent, your ideas and your energy. As it turns out, the world also has what you need.



As we consider the commission that Jesus gave his followers, while realizing that over 3,000,000,000 have never heard the name of Jesus, there is too much work to be done for us to not work together. While there are many ways we are different, we have One God, One Savior, One Spirit, One Body and One Mission. If we are going to fulfill the Great Commission, we must not only work together, but...

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