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Finding God’s Call for Your Life

What do we mean by a "call?" The answer lies in comparing out ideas of "calling" with the Bible's teaching about how and why God guides his people.

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Packing for the Journey

God is calling us to put down the things that slow us down, to train so we can endurance run...and we have cheerleaders!

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3 ways to prepare for medical missionary training

Do you feel prepared to be a medical missionary? Do you know where to start? Here are three (3) ways to prepare for medical missionary training.

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Four things you should know about justice in healthcare

Justice in healthcare can take many different forms. Here are four things you should know about justice in healthcare.

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The Ethical Approach To Limited Resources

Can’t get a desperately needed lab test? Not enough healthcare staff? Running out of patient beds? Worried a respirator might not be available? As you work without adequate protective equipment, are you thinking that you’re putting your life at risk taking care of your patients? Overwhelming need and limited resources. Sounds like life as a medical missionary, but third world rea...

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A “Non-Medical” Medical Response From The Church

I often find myself wishing I could do more to help when there are crisis situations around the world. When I see pictures and hear stories of hospitals in Italy overwhelmed with patients, running low on supplies, beds, and healthcare workers, I wish I could roll up my sleeves up and jump in to help. As a non-medical person, however, my engagement on the front lines of this medical crisis is...

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Women in Missions - Rebekah Naylor

OverviewThis session will discuss the role of women in health care missions today. It will include examples and personal stories that will encourage expanded vision and new perspectives on opportunities and needs.Educational ObjectivesAfter this session participants will be able to:1.Identify possible roles for women in health care missions2.Identify some barriers for women in health care missi...

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S.I.Ts and M.I.Ts: Yielded Vessels in the Making

We are all "Servants in Training", "Missionaries in Training" or both. What's the difference and how might God be preparing us? Dr. Dowell will be discussing the importance of each of those seasons in our development as yielded vessels "living sacrifices". We will learn the answers to those questions, find encouragement in times of difficulty, and be inspired t...

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When COVID-19 Closes Doors

I have been pondering in my heart this sudden grounding of travel and thus missions. My job is sending out healthcare mission teams around the globe. We have, or should I say had 58 teams going to 25 different countries in the next year. We have now grounded 14 of them with the end of our “no gos” uncertain. On a much smaller scale, I have been here before. I was on a mission to ...

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