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How Do You Handle Fear And News In Light Of A Pandemic?

Depending on which news source and which day, it may appear as if the world is ending. Amidst this crisis (or the next one), how do we respond internally to what is going on around us? What should be our response as those who follow Christ? As a medical professional, you know the facts. And although there is plenty of guidance out there on the handling of this pandemic, one area we wanted...

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Rallying Call Christian Health Care Workers: Perspective And Response For COVID-19

We watched it grow. At first, it was pretty distant unless you live in China, or specifically in Wuhan. It increased in size and its impact travelled before it. Eventually, it was declared a pandemic and its blow thundered across the nations, globally. It’s no longer business as usual all over the world, in every sector, including the church. We are in disaster response status. As Chri...

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Our Story in the Story of the World

Our work in missional healthcare isn’t just an add-on, or a platform to do some other work. It’s part of the core story.

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Let Your S.H.A.P.E. Guide Your Role Within God’s Kingdom - Part 1

If you’re looking to participate in God’s kingdom story, forget about job openings that someone is trying to fill. Focus instead on the God-given shape that defines your role in life. When you do that, you will find the freedom to live your life (and career) within the grand purpose that God instituted for all of humanity at Creation. But more on that later. Let’s start wi...

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A Healthcare Student’s Role During The COVID-19 Pandemic

This week reminds me of the days in the 1980s when I worked in Africa. It was the beginning of the HIV/AIDS crisis. I worked in a rural hospital and school of nursing in a tropical rain forest. I was uninformed about HIV/AIDS. Nursing students continued to care for patients with resistant tuberculosis and ‘wasting syndrome.’ Blood samples were collected and hand-carried in a thermos...

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Therapy Tools for Continued Care During COVID-19

The coronavirus has disrupted all of our lives, but the population this disruption may be impacting the most are children and individuals with special needs. Children with disabilities rely heavily on routine to function successfully throughout their day. For many families, a season of quarantine is being met with extraordinary difficulties in behaviors and meltdowns as they try to understand w...

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Practical Ways To Help Seniors During The Isolation Of COVID-19

It’s easy to feel helpless in the face of COVID-19. It’s the danger of exposure, isolation, social distancing, fear, and uncertainty. It’s easy to hunker down and feel there’s nothing we can do. That would be wrong. At times like this, the church—God’s people—shine brightest. They respond in crisis. The Chinese use two brush strokes to write th...

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COVID-19, Long-Term Missions, And The One Tool That Can’t Be Taken

As COVID-19 spreads throughout the earth, the unknown complexity on society poses new questions about its effect on long-term missions, particularly for those already on the field and those eager to go. Missionaries across the globe find themselves in self-quarantine, wishing they could enjoy the in-person fellowship of local believers or longing to do quarantine with more than their six kid...

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Moments of Weakness

Today we want to feature a story that was shared with the community. Anyone can share stories of life on the mission field, medical work being done around the world, or inspiring stories of faith here on - we love to hear from YOU, the people that are dreaming and doing the work of healthcare missions ( The sto...

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Task Remaining: For All To Hear

We hope you enjoy listening to this session from November's Global Missions Health Conference:

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