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Lament And Hope In Times Of Shifting Foundations

I’ve recently been struck by the thought that all ministry can be summed up with one goal: to bring people to Jesus. During this time of uncertainty, it gives me great peace to know that I don’t need to have all of the answers or even have the capacity to carry another’s anxiety. I just want to keep my eyes fixed on Jesus, encouraging others to have their gaze on Him as well. ...

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When COVID-19 Closes Doors

I have been pondering in my heart this sudden grounding of travel and thus missions. My job is sending out healthcare mission teams around the globe. We have, or should I say had 58 teams going to 25 different countries in the next year. We have now grounded 14 of them with the end of our “no gos” uncertain. On a much smaller scale, I have been here before. I was on a mission to ...

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How Can Those Stateside Support Those Overseas Working In High Prevalence Areas?

International healthcare workers are accustomed to making nuanced decisions. We routinely consider various cultural perspectives, resource limitations, and spiritual insights. Now, the current COVID-19 pandemic is calling all our decision-making skills into action. How can supporters in home countries help those serving in hot zones overseas? Pray! Thinking of decisions the overseas workers ...

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So What Now?

You’ve been dreaming of serving in missions and preparing for it. Now with COVID-19, everything is on hold. Or is it? What seems like harm for our community could also turn out to be for our good. How can we take advantage of this time right now? We’d like to share a few practical things you can be doing now to prepare to launch into missions soon after travel restrictions are lifte...

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A Pharmacist’s Perspective On COVID-19

As one of the nation’s most accessible healthcare professionals – drop by anytime, no appointment necessary – I’m grateful for the individual and collective commitment that pharmacists have in supporting the well-being of our communities during such troubling times. In times of uncertainty, fear, and confusion, it is also encouraging to witness the sincere collaboration ...

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A “Non-Medical” Medical Response From The Church

I often find myself wishing I could do more to help when there are crisis situations around the world. When I see pictures and hear stories of hospitals in Italy overwhelmed with patients, running low on supplies, beds, and healthcare workers, I wish I could roll up my sleeves up and jump in to help. As a non-medical person, however, my engagement on the front lines of this medical crisis is...

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Always By Prayer

Many of you are sheltered in your homes. Others are cut off from loved ones in distant countries. Plans for travel have changed. Many of you have family and friends who have lost their jobs and income because of COVID-19. The Lord is not unaware of all these realities. At a time like this, it can be tempting to wonder if the Lord is hearing and answering our prayers. We know He does, but ...

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Spiritual Preparation for Missions

The sessions that are chosen each year for the Global Missions Health Conference are chosen with great consideration and prayer. Our committee chooses topics that will be impactful, practical, and challenging. The session that we will feature today encompasses all of those aims. We hope you enjoy listening to Spiritual Preparation for Missions, by Rick Donlon. Spiritual Preparation for Missions

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Short Term Medical Mission Produces Long Term Fruit

We want to highlight another story from the field today. This story comes from Guatemala and we hope you are challenged by how your own short term trips might produce long term fruit! In June 2018, a GO InterNational medical team visited the village of La Libertad. Late that afternoon, as the doctors and nurses ended to the remaining patients, team members Nic Cabrini and Nestor Gomez spent ...

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Healthcare Education as a Challenge and Opportunity for Mission Hospitals and Universities

Dr. James D. Smith, whose medical career was as an Otolaryngologist in an Academic setting, talks about healthcare education as a challenge and opportunity for mission hospitals and universities

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