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How Can Those Stateside Support Those Overseas Working In High Prevalence Areas?

International healthcare workers are accustomed to making nuanced decisions. We routinely consider various cultural perspectives, resource limitations, and spiritual insights. Now, the current COVID-19 pandemic is calling all our decision-making skills into action. How can supporters in home countries help those serving in hot zones overseas? Pray! Thinking of decisions the overseas workers ...

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The Church Responds To COVID-19

Challenges for the church just keep coming in an onslaught that is fierce and seemingly unending. Now, the church faces a pandemic. Throughout time God has used catastrophic tragedies to bring people to himself. Every crisis is an opportunity to love people. Every church has shortcomings. Crisis exposes weakness and tests strength. How well the church has equipped members to be disciples ...

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Sharing Stories

Many of us are returning from a variety of summer adventures where we were able to serve another group of people somewhere in the world. Stories become amazing ways for us to share with each other what we’ve learned and what the Lord is teaching us. Stories also allow us to share our personal experiences and to explore the opportunities that are available in the world of medical mission...

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Task Remaining: For All To Hear

We hope you enjoy listening to this session from November's Global Missions Health Conference:

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Global marketplace missions

Written by Jonathan Thiessen, this post will challenge your assumptions about traditional missions and encourage you to step out in faith for marketplace missions.

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Short Term Medical Mission Produces Long Term Fruit

We want to highlight another story from the field today. This story comes from Guatemala and we hope you are challenged by how your own short term trips might produce long term fruit! In June 2018, a GO InterNational medical team visited the village of La Libertad. Late that afternoon, as the doctors and nurses ended to the remaining patients, team members Nic Cabrini and Nestor Gomez spent ...

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Healthcare Education as a Challenge and Opportunity for Mission Hospitals and Universities

Dr. James D. Smith, whose medical career was as an Otolaryngologist in an Academic setting, talks about healthcare education as a challenge and opportunity for mission hospitals and universities

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Confessions of A Burnt Out Missionary

Sab·bath /ˈsabəTH/ noun: The seventh day of the week observed from Friday evening to Saturday evening as a day of rest and worship by Jews and some Christians, or observed Sunday among Christians as a day of rest and worship. In this article for, Deanna Kustas writes an article about the difficulties in setting boundaries and identifying times to rest. Kustas walks throug...

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"Out Women the Women and Out Men the Men " Ted Talk on "Women Winning in the Marketplace"

Jennifer Sherman speaks out on all things women in the current marketplace and she does so with humor, intelligence, and plenty of experience. Jennifer herself was immersed in the business world and gives an array of facts referencing women today and the positions they hold- 58 %- Undergrad degrees held by women 53%- Entry Level Workforce made up of Women 37%- Women in Middle Managemen...

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"What if the bravest thing you can do as a parent, is trust God with your children?"

The Lord may be calling you and your family to a more dangerous area, a new vocation, a far away land where the people need believers are you willing and ready to go ? In a "Christianity Today" article the author talks about the ins and outs of entrusting your children to the Lord... daily. The author (Rachel) and her husband moved to Africa fifteen years ago where they took a job ...

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