Public Health solutions to the current Opioid Crisis

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This interactive session will help attendees to better understand the current opioid crisis and possible public health responses. Attendees will leave the session with evidence based plans for approaching opioid abuse in clinical as well as community settings. The session will engage participants using technology and discussion.

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  • Aishat Abiodun Adewoye

    Aishat Abiodun Adewoye

    Hello Cameron, I was really contemplating whether to attend the conference but immediately i saw your post on opioid crisis i became so excited. I am a grad student presently at LSUS studying Public health and my main area of concentration is on opioid crisis. I have been doing some few researches on it, done some class presentation as a student. I feel i will really learn a lot from the session. I hope to be part of the conference.