Policy Guide for GMHC Exhibitors






Contact Information

You may contact the exhibitor coordinator with questions:

  • info@medicalmissions.com 
  • 502-253-8360 


Registration Dates

  • Opens in early Spring
  • Register at MedicalMissions.com
  • All organizations must have an organizational profile on MedicalMissions.com to register for a booth


General Booth Information

  • All booths are 8’ deep x 10’ wide.
  • All booths receive one  8’(l) x  24"(w) x 30"(ht) table.
  • Additional 8' tables are available for an additional cost.


Booth Choices

  • All booths are registered online. 
  • Exhibitors choose their location(s) from map of exhibit hall.
  • Booths are sold on a first come first served basis.
  • Registering a booth for the GMHC ONLY registers your organization (NOT the booth representative or workers).
  • You must pay for your booth representatives IN ADDITION to purchasing your booth registration (there are NO booth representatives included in the booth registration price).   


Cancellation Policy

  • The GMHC offers no refund of cost sharing contributions for cancellation.



Unwanted Solicitation

  • Solicitation of MedicalMissions.com organizations can result in removal of personal and organization profile from the site.
  • Solicitation of GMHC organizations can result in immediate cancellation without financial remittance for booth space.
  • Any organization that solicits members of the MedicalMissions.com community will be blocked unless they have written permission from the GMHC.


Booth Representatives

  • Registering a booth for the GMHC ONLY registers your organization (NOT the representatives) for a booth.
  • Each exhibiting organization is allowed 2 exhibitor representatives (4 for GMHC Partner Organizations) at a discounted rate.  Additional representatives are welcome (at normal pricing tiers). 
  • Make certain to register your representatives online to work your booth prior to the conference.  (This is a separate registration)
  • All booths must have a minimum of one exhibitor paid representative(s).
  • Remember that this is your chance to interact with students, residents, missionaries and others that are interested in what your organization is doing. Be sure to prepare your team to answer questions, have resources, and be excited to greet the attendees.


Shipping and Receiving

  • Materials shipped MUST NOT be received until the week of the GMHC.  Southeast is not responsible for items shipped earlier.
  • Shipping address: Southeast Christian Church (main building), ℅ Missions / GMHC, 920 Blankenbaker Parkway, Louisville, KY 40243.


Booth Selection

  • All booths are registered online.
  • Booths are selected in priority going first to Partner organizations and then by order of registration (organizations choose booth from booth map and availability). 
  • The GMHC makes no promises or guarantees to any organization for any booth placement.



  • Booth placement has been selected by each exhibiting organization. 
  • Requests to change booth space are not allowed. 


Elements Guide Book

  • Your organization’s representation in Elements is built on your current year’s registration (your organization’s profile as listed on medicalmissions.com).
  • All organizations requesting advertising in Elements must have completed all required items by date noted in Elements Ad Booklet (separate - see website for more details).


Post Your Short Term Trips




Time Frame

  • Exhibitors may check in and set up booths during the following times: 
    • Wednesday - 12p(noon) - 9p
    • Thursday - 8a - 11a
  • Exhibitors must complete their booth set up no later than 11a.m. on Thursday as the Exhibit Hall will open at noon on Thursday.
  • Exhibitors may NOT begin setting up booth prior to 12p.m. (noon) on Wednesday due to necessary time needed to complete both electrical and booth structures.


Location - Check In

  • Upon entering the building, proceed to Fellowship Hall 1 (located in main building to the far right of the atrium entrance).
  • Check in at the Exhibitor Registration Table and Pick up your packet.
    • Individual representatives who have registered and paid can check in here as well
    • Individual representatives who have NOT registered must register and pay in the atrium onsite registration counter.
  • Booths are located in the Fellowship Halls of Southeast Christian Church on floors one and two, as well as two rooms on the first floor (FH 111 & 131)
  • If you have others who will be attending the GMHC who are not part of your exhibitor booth delegation they will need to pick up their materials for check in at the main registration counter.


What You Will Need for a Simple Arrival

  • Organization’s booth equipment and materials.
  • Confirmation for organization and for representatives (separate items).
  • Individuals are encouraged to bring their personal registration confirmation (printed or on their phone) to scan the QR code for their check in.
  • A moving cart of some type makes the process far easier as carts are limited.



  • The GMHC requires that every participant obtain their own housing. There are preferred hotels listed on the MedicalMissions.com website.
  • Parking is available at Southeast throughout numerous parking lots.
  • There are no formal shuttles set up, but you are welcome to try to coordinate rides with other conference attendees.




Shipping and Receiving

  • If you shipped anything to Southeast prior to the GMHC, those items will be located in the Shipping and Receiving area inside the main building (first floor outside of Fellowship Hall 1 on left - follow signs for directions.)
  • Note: Check your booths first as volunteers may have already delivered shipped items to your booth.


Delivery Carts

  • Southeast has a limited amount of delivery carts. They are in high demand during setup and tear down - please be courteous with others; keep your usage of carts as short as possible - return promptly to inside of FH1.
  • We also recommend bringing your own cart if you have one… but keep your eyes on it so it doesn’t walk off!


Your Booth Space - Physical Space

  • Exhibitors may only physically occupy the immediate footprint of their booth space. 
  • Exhibitors may NOT have any material or apparatus that extend into any of the aisles.
  • Exhibitors in end booths are STRICTLY prohibited from having anything extending outside their  8'x10' footprint.
  • Exhibitors are not to have any display or other items extending beyond a 9’ height
    • If you wish to build a structure that is over 10 feet, you will need to get approvals from Southeast Christian Church Facilities and Security staff as well as the local fire marshal
  • END booths may NOT remove side bars on end of booth for structural reasons (unless written approval is given from the GMHC).
  • Policy is set by fire marshal and strictly enforced.
  • Any food and beverage being served in booth spaces must be approved by the GMHC team/Southeast Christian Church. NO cooking is allowed inside of the building (this includes popcorn machines).


Finding Your Booth

  • You can find your booth via the exhibitor placement map (provided ahead of time) or by locating your booth sign (above your booth provided by GMHC).


Unloading Vehicles (rear building entrance marked by signs)

  • You may unload any of your vehicles in the designated area only (shipping and receiving area of main building OR in the main doors of “The Block” student ministry center if that is where your booth is located.
  • Exhibitors are NOT allowed to unload under the main entrance of the church - these vehicles will be towed - safety and fire issues pertain.


What Is Provided by the GMHC

  • Booth pipes and drapes (8’ high in back / 3’ high sides)
  • (2) Chairs per booth
  • (1) 8' Table per booth
  • (1) Booth sign (generated from MedicalMissions.com)
  • (1) Scannable QR Code Sheet (for attendees to scan and share their information with exhibitors) - LEARN MORE




Booth Hours

  • The Exhibitor booth hours are noted on the main conference schedule.
  • The Exhibitor areas will be CLOSED AND LOCKED during ALL Plenary Sessions (no exceptions). 
  • The Exhibitor Hall will be closed and locked Friday night at 7pm (exhibit hall will NOT be opened after evening plenary speakers). 


Electricity & Internet

  • ALL BOOTHS on ALL FLOORS have electricity.
  • Each booth is provided ONE electrical outlet.
  • Exhibitors are responsible for their own extension cords, three-prong adapters, tape, pins, Velcro, tools, moving carts, etc.
  • Wifi internet is available in all exhibit halls (speeds will be slower due to high usage, however Southeast will set up additional networks specifically for the GMHC to help increase bandwidth and usage - for best results DO NOT share the exhibitor wifi password with attendees).  See your packet for the wifi password.
  • Cell phones may have difficulty gaining signal in the buildings.


Booth Usage Policy

  • Distribution of literature, samples, and products are limited to your booth space only.  Distribution of these products / items are strictly limited to your booth space only.  This also applies to any person or group who shares your booth.
  • Exhibitors cannot share or sublet booth space without prior permission from the GMHC.  If permission is granted, only the registered organization will be recognized with signage, program book, and website.
  • Any audio and/or video equipment sound must be kept at low levels and not interfere with other booths.
  • Helium and latex balloons are prohibited.
  • Any food and beverage being served in booth spaces must be approved by the GMHC team/Southeast Christian Church. No cooking is allowed inside of the building (this includes the use of popcorn machines).


Physical Space

  • Exhibitors may only physically occupy the immediate footprint of their booth space. 
  • Exhibitors may NOT have any material or apparatus that extends into the aisle.
  • Exhibitors in end booths are STRICTLY prohibited from having anything extending outside their 8'x10' footprint.
  • Booth displays are NOT to exceed 9’ high in the back.  Sides must be 3’ tall or lower.
  • Policy for floor and vertical spacing is set by fire marshal and is strictly enforced.
  • Side pipe may only be removed BY PERMISSION ONLY (contact exhibit coordinator) - end booths MAY NOT REMOVE any pipe or drape.


Hospitality Room

  • The Hospitality Room for Exhibitor Halls is located behind the stage on the first floor of the Exhibitor Halls. This room is reserved for Exhibitors to be used as a break room. Drinks and snacks are available for Exhibitors only.
  • Meals for Exhibitors: Exhibitors may pick up meals 30 minutes prior to meal times. You will need your meal tickets.


Conference Schedule

  • Please visit website for current conference schedule.
  • Expect light traffic during breakout sessions.
  • Expect heavy traffic during meal / exhibitor times.
  • You do not have to staff your booth at all times.
  • Exhibit hall is CLOSED and lights will be off during ALL Plenary Sessions.
  • Exhibit Halls will be NOT be open after Plenary Sessions.


Selling Items

  • Products and services must reflect the overall conference goal.
  • Materials and sales must be disclosed in advance by Exhibitor Coordinator.
  • The collection and remission of sales tax is addressed in the Exhibitor Agreement.



  • There are NO facilities at Southeast for printing.
  • If you require any printing, there are several FedEx Kinkos nearby.


Meals for Exhibitors

  • All meals for attendees are provided outside the church sanctuary at given times, but Exhibitors may pick up their meals 30 minutes before meal times.


Follow Up Strategies

  • Have a plan to follow up with participants. If they are interested in your organization, encourage them to scan the QR code assigned to your organization with their phone. The QR codes will be provided and mounted at your booth space by the GMHC. 
  • Follow this link to learn more: https://www.medicalmissions.com/exhibitor-qr-codes
  • The data from these scans is available to you immediately on MedicalMissions.com and can be found from your personal dashboard and from your organization’s profile page in the event history tab.  Follow up and connect with them. Utilize MedicalMissions.com if that is helpful to you.

  • Be sure to have tangible action steps for attendees and a clear call to action following the GMHC.



Time Frame

  • Tear down for the Exhibit Hall area should not begin until 11:00 am on Saturday and must be complete by 1:30pm on Saturday.
  • Please do not start tearing down during the final Exhibit Hall time period.


Cleaning Space

  • Please pick up and throw out any noticeable trash in and around your area.
  • Please DO NOT LEAVE literature or any other items on your table.



  • The GMHC values your feedback.  Please complete the online survey after the conference.
  • Exhibitors may also complete their surveys at the GMHC (survey sheets will be passed out). 


Shipping and Receiving

  • Bring your own shipping materials with you.
  • Southeast does not provide shipping labels.
  • Please bring pre-made shipping labels for any items to be picked up at Southeast.
  • Place all packages in the shipping and receiving area.
  • UPS - We require completed UPS forms and UPS account number on each package.
  • FedEx - you must call for pick up.
  • Place all packages on pallet provided in the Fellowship Hall 1 shipping area.
  • Shipments will go out the week following the conference.
  • NOTE: Southeast is not responsible for the pick up of packages by companies (FedEx or UPS) as these are third party vendors.  Southeast will do all possible to facilitate the process but ultimately the shipping coordination responsibility belongs to the exhibitor.
  • We ask that all pick-ups be scheduled no later than 2:00 p.m. the last day of the conference. 





  • Registration for next year will be available online in early Spring / check the website for opening date.
  • All registrations must be done online.


Editing your MedicalMissions.com Profile

  • Remember to keep your online profile up to date!  Over 350,000 unique individuals visit MedicalMissions.com each year.  Don’t miss the opportunity for them to find you.


Posting your Short Term Trips to MedicalMissions.com

Who comes to the GMHC?

This is a common question we receive and a great one.  Here is some better explanation of who attends the GMHC so you can better prepare for your time at the conference.  

Where are people coming from?

The majority of attendees are from the United States (greater than 80%) with representation from Canada, Kenya, United Kingdom, Uganda, India, Australia, and other countries.  

Domestically, states in the dark blue have the highest attendance at the GMHC.  The majority of the attendees come within a six hour driving radius from Louisville, KY but obviously this draws attendees from around the United States.

This is an important data point to know as we are all collectively working primarily to engage and send North American professionals.  The GMHC is dedicated to seeing people from everywhere go to everywhere, but we must acknowledge the facts of who attends the GMHC and serve them well.


What are attendees level of engagement?

Around 50% of attendees have expressed they are exploring medical missions and trying to find that next step.

Around 25% of attendees are looking to refine their skills as they are already serving domestically or internationally.  

Around 25% of attendees are preparing for the field and coming to the GMHC already on a path to go and looking for more tools, resources, and connections to prepare well.

This is important information for you as an exhibitor know who may be visiting your booth and how best to engage them.  

What do people care about?

When people register for the GMHC they also create an account on MedicalMissions.com.  In the process of creating an account, individuals will select from a list of common interest areas for healthcare missions.  Here are some percentages of attendees who care about these issues.  

This is important to help you understand what attendees care about and what drives them.  

  • Education - 22%
  • OVC - 21%
  • Unreached People Groups - 20%
  • Children - 20%
  • Poverty - 20%
  • Community Development - 19%
  • Women - 19%
  • Prayer - 18%
  • Equipping Indigenous People - 18%
  • Disease Prevention - 18%
  • Refugee Crisis - 16%
  • Disaster Relief - 16%
  • Trafficking in Persons - 16%
  • Church Planting - 15%
  • Persecuted Church - 14%
  • Justice & Mercy - 13%
  • Clean Water - 13%
  • Malaria - 10%
  • HIV/AIDS - 10%
  • Economic Development - 10%
  • Abortion - 9%
  • Disabilities - 9%
  • Bioethics - 8%
  • Diabetes - 8%
  • Tuberculosis - 8%
  • Heart Disease - 7%
  • Ebola - 6%
  • Typhoid - 6%
  • Cholera - 6%
  • Hep C - 6%
  • Hep B - 6%
  • Influenza - 6%
  • Hep A - 6%
  • Dengue - 5%
  • Yellow Fever - 5%
  • Leishmaniasis - 5%

How many people register from each registration type?

There are multiple types of registration types for the GMHC.  This helps us better communicate and prepare each of these categories.  Here's how these numbers break down:

  • Students - 30%
  • Healthcare Professionals - 20%
  • Spouse/Other - 15%
  • Full-time Career Missionary - 13%
  • Exhibitor Representatives - 12%
  • Residents - 6%
  • Speakers - 4%

What healthcare fields are registering?

It's also important to know the percentages for the general healthcare categories.  Within these seven major categories, there are represented around 70 specific areas of healthcare professional roles.  

  • Medical - 35%
  • Nursing - 17%
  • Public Health - 12%
  • Other Healthcare - 12%
  • Surgical - 11%
  • Allied Health - 8%
  • Dental - 5%