Elie H

Nurse. Interceder of the Nations. Learner. Jesus Follower.

I just celebrated my 3rd year working as a nurse. I currently work on a tele floor at a trauma one medical center in the heart of Chicago. My childhood shaped my desire to go into healthcare as I was born into a ministry family while in Indonesia. I saw atrocious health realities people lived in, which propelled me into nursing. It was a wild start to graduate in a global pandemic. I applied to many jobs and to my shock was only offered one: a night shift position as a float pool RN in a 788-bed hospital on the South Side of Chicago. Over my first year of nursing, I floated into Covid units, ECMO ICUs, the ER, +20 different units and one shift at a nearby sister hospital. This experience almost burnt me out but, by God's grace I realized I enjoyed cardiac patients and I got a new job.


Over the past 4 years I have taken 3 trips to Kenya doing medical missions partnering with a local ministry center that uses medical camps and CHE as access ministry. I rallied my brother and two friends to go with me and am praying about who I can bring this next trip. ;) On these trips, I saw how tangibly medicine can bless a community and open doors for great ministry. I continue to search for ways I can pair nursing and missions as I prepare for a future of medical missions.


I have (finally) found and live in community with believers who are committed to praying for the nations with me. I have been in leadership of our biweekly gatherings where we encourage "obedience steps" and stretching “prayer muscles”. Through life on life discipleship focused on becoming disciple making disciple makers, we challenge and encourage each other towards the way of Jesus.


I am excited to share a few things I have learned and looking forward to supporting you to obey what the Lord has for you!