Jeffrey Perry

Follower of Jesus, rural / global Family Medicine doctor with surgical obstetrics, love to teach medicine and His Word, with my wife & kids

I served as Medical Director of His House of Hope - Bet Eman Teaching Hospital for Women & Children, in Yei, South Sudan from 2008 until 2017. My wife Elizabeth, eight of our children, and I moved there in 2011 to help found the hospital. It grew to a 40+ bed facility which performed 1,636 deliveries per year at its peak. It was a state referral center for complicated obstetrics and pediatrics cases, and was named a National Teaching Hospital for South Sudan. It was closed in 2016 due to civil war. We returned to work with South Sudanese refugees and the host population in northern Uganda for 2 more years, before returning to rural family medicine with OB in 2019. We continue as Pioneers Associates, and seek to encourage others in long-term medical missions. I am a graduate of Tulane with an MPH in Tropical Medicine, and did my residency with In His IMAGE Family Medicine in Tulsa. My family and I lived in rural Colorado for 9 years following residency, where I served in a Community Health Center, to which I returned after 10 years away. My wife, Elizabeth, is a Certified Health Education Specialist and Lactation Consultant, has a Masters in Health Education, homeschools and disciples our children, and currently runs a missionary guest house / AirBnB near our home in Colorado.