Jim Ritchie

Helping medical missionaries of all nationalities thrive in the challenges of cross-cultural medicine. - SVP Longevity Project, MedSend

I'm an emergency physician with 25 years of experience in the US Navy, including two very busy wartime deployments to the war in Afghanistan.  The concept of moral injury was introduced during that time, and I recognized it in us, the medical personnel.  I spoke and wrote on moral injury, combat medicine ethics, and related topics, including several sessions of the Senior Medical Officers' Leadership Course at the Pentagon.  After retiring from the Navy in 2013, I became a medical missionary in Chogoria, Kenya.  I recognized the ubiquity and importance of moral injury in healthcare missions, and resumed writing and speaking on the topic.  In 2020 I joined MedSend in the Longevity Project, designed to help healthcare missionaries thrive in their difficult setting of service.  I have been invited to speak on this and related subjects scores of times in the last few years. My co-investigators and I are nearing completion on a qualitative research project on moral injury in healthcare missionaries, which we expect to be published soon.