Alice Chen

Dr. Alice Chen was born in Taiwan, grew up in Canada and trained in medicine (U. of Sask.) and family practice (U. of Western Ontario). She has served in Asia since 1990, as a family doctor at Logefeil Memorial Hospital in Taiwan (1990-1993) and with NGO Shanxi Evergreen Service ( in China (1995 to the present). In 2016, she earned a MA in Mental Health Counselling (Palo Alto U.) in order to support counselor training in China. Her work has included clinical care, chronic disease management, village health worker training, well-baby and antenatal work, health education, Family Practice training, preceptoring Chinese and foreign medical students and residents, hosting visiting medical experts, coordinating staff development, coaching and mentoring, counseling, and supporting local church leaders. Dr. Chen was a member of the Christian Medical Dental Association (CMDA) Working Committee of the PRISM study, “Patterns and Responses in Intercultural Service in Medicine” and is on the International Advisory Board of Christian Journal for Global Health. Dr. Chen’s passions include cross-cultural training, helping international workers to remain “healthy, effective and happy," and coaching and supporting emerging leaders. Dr. Chen currently is on home leave in Toronto and works as a family physician, counselor and missions coach/mentor.