Alex Tee

Served 25+ years, half of those in East Asia teaching at universities & working in missions leadership roles

In Person

Honor Shame Dynamics: How to serve effectively

  • Breakout Session
  • Main Building AT 106/109
  • November 10 2023 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM

People interpret what we do based on their worldview. In Honor-Shame cultures, people might misinterpret and see in our actions merit making, proselytization or apostasy, however pure our motivation may be. We’ll look at honor-shame based worldviews, understand how and why people may misinterpret what we do, look at risks and practices to help show and share God’s love appropriately. We’ll use observations from relief and urban poor work in SE Asia to illustrate. Application is relevant both overseas or close to home when reaching out to neighbors from honor-shame contexts.