Dr Gareth

UK and USA trained Physiotherapist for the last 20 years. 13 years overseas largely in the Arab World.

In Person

Earning Patient Trust in the Middle East and Other Non-western Cultures

  • Breakout Session
  • Main Building ED 216/217
  • November 10 2023 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM

How do we earn patients trust?

Through stories, anecdotes, lived experiences and research, Gareth Wright will share from his experience working in 4 continents and in many different contexts.

Whether seeing patients abandoned by their families due to an unexplained neurological illness or treating Royality; patient (and family) expectations and beliefs can play a huge part in adherence and the likelihood that a health care worker will be trusted and believed. Add in language barriers and cultural changes and you are in for one bumpy ride.