Resistant Bacteria

  • Breakout Session
  • Main Building ATCR 207/209
  • November 8 2018 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM
  • P, AAFP, DO, PA, NP, N, D, PH

In our fallen world, we wage an ever more complicated and difficult cellular warfare; pitting the good guys (immune system and healthcare providers) against the bad guys (antimicrobial resistance bacteria). The weapons at our disposal (promoters of the immune system and antibiotics) are set against the weaponry of the resistance bacteria (beta lactamases, efflux pumps, thickened cell walls, etc) in an epic battle of good versus evil. Come to this conference to learn the top secret intelligence needed to win this war (or at least live to fight another day).


1. The learner will be able to apply principles of bacterial evaluation and antibiotic stewardship to real-life clinical situations.
2. The learner will be able to compare strategies for antibiotic selection, understanding the consequences of this selection.
3. The learner will be able to discuss the consequences of the development of resistant bacteria in a global health setting.