Rebecca McDonald

President and Founder of Women At Risk, International

Human Trafficking Awareness: Identifying Trafficking Victims in the Clinical Setting

  • Breakout Session
  • Student Building (Block) SMC 303 The Porch
  • November 9 2018 8:00 AM - 9:00 AM

Our passion is to empower health care professionals as the body of Christ to know a basic definition of Human Trafficking and how to identify notable indicators in 8 specific categories of health concerns through real life case studies. We want you to see the unseen, look beneath the surface and identify potential trafficking victims in the a clinical setting. Every time a trafficked victim walks through the doors of a healthcare provider or church and is not identified, it reinforces the lie of the trafficker that they do not exist, no one cares not even authority figures. You are passionate about healing brokenness both physically and spiritually. Everyday heroes are those who see the unseen, ask the unasked and start the journey of healing. Our passion is to bring the Light of the World into the darkness of this century's fastest growing arm of crime. Light bulbs go on as I train in professional settings where smart, committed people simply needed a light shed on a subject so dark they did not know to look for it. The good news is that people care and are making a difference. Having spent my entire life in ministry, first as an MK to medical missionaries, then as a church planter and humanitarian program developer in the work of rescue and empowerment, I'm here to "turn on the light" so professionals can carry out their training in the mission of "setting the captive free" and holistic healing. Working in 53 countries with hundreds of programs, there is no greater joy than seeing a man, woman or child set free to know their true worth in Christ and find unconditional healing. The mission of WAR is to leave a legacy of safe places where circles of protection are created around those at risk. Wrapping arms of love around them we help them rewrite the story of their lives and heal in culturally sensitive, value added settings in Name above all Names.


1) OUTCOME: Participation
DEFINITION: Attendance of medical professionals and first responders
2) OUTCOME: Satisfaction
DEFINITION: Participants understand and are satisfied with information given. They understand it is a limited time and therefore limited introduction with exposure to more opportunities to learn and recommended reading list on subject.
3) OUTCOME: Learning….Declarative
DEFINITION: Knows basic definition of Human Trafficking and understands difference to prostitution both legally and practically.
4) OUTCOME: Learning…Procedural
DEFINITION: Knows how to identify some of the notable indicators in Case History or Community environment such as some of the 21 lures or 15 environmental demographics
5) OUTCOME: Competence
a) to identify some of the notable indicators in 5 categories of Health Concerns and Symptoms. (Five categories: Infectious disease, non-infectious with 5 sub categories, physical trauma, mental health, substance abuse)
b) to understand real life scenarios with up to 6 case studies (depending on time)
c) to identify 3 sets of players in trafficking scenario in health care environment
6) OUTCOME: Performance, Patient & Community Health
DEFINITION: Beginning introduction to Appropriate Assistance Plan, bringing hoped for changes in future patient and community health status.