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Embarking on a mission in healthcare is a noble endeavor, but finding the right sending agency can significantly impact the success and fulfillment of your mission work. "Finding Your Best-Fit Sending Agency" is a comprehensive online course designed to guide aspiring healthcare missionaries through the intricate process of selecting the most compatible sending agency for their mission endeavors.

This course is ideal for healthcare professionals, students, and individuals considering or preparing for a mission in healthcare. It is also valuable for pastors, mission leaders, and sending agency representatives seeking to support and guide prospective missionaries effectively.

By the end of this course, students will emerge with a profound understanding of the importance of finding the best fit sending agency for healthcare missionaries. Armed with enhanced discernment skills and a comprehensive knowledge of the factors influencing successful partnerships, participants will be empowered to embark on their mission journeys with confidence, purpose, and a strong foundation for impactful service in the global healthcare mission field.



Discover the crucial role of the right sending agency in your mission work. In Lesson 1, Learn how a...

Lesson 1: Factors of Fit

In this comprehensive lesson, participants will explore the essential elements of aligning with a mi...

Lesson 2: Medical Missionaries (A Different Breed)

In this lesson, students will delve into the distinct disparities between medical missionaries and t...

Lesson 3: The Questions You Should Be Asking

In this lesson, students will take a closer look at the questions they should be asking as they cons...

Finding Your Best-Fit Sending Agency

53 minutes