Learn from the experts in your specific field.

The cross section of experts that are represented each year at the Global Missions Health conference is staggering. From surgeons in the heart of Africa to practitioners in urban clinics in the U.S., the range of experience is vast. 

We hope that wherever you are in your journey, you will be able to glean insight, wisdom, knowledge, and skills from these people that have taught at the conference. 

About our resources...

Resources are recorded live each year at the Global Missions Health Conference in Louisville, Kentucky.  Speakers cover a wide range of topics at the conference, providing a wealth of information for those new to missions as well as seasoned missionaries.

Listen free anytime, even stream them on your mobile devices.

All audio sessions are free and can be streamed to both desktop computers and mobile devices as many times as you'd like, any time you'd like.  We also offer our sessions in the form of a podcast so you can subscribe and download sessions in your favorite podcast player automatically.

Finding resources that fit you.

Each resource is tagged in a variety of ways, and our advanced search filters help you discover the perfect resources for you.  Search on specific areas such as Healthcare Specialty, Global Health Issues, and Areas of the World to learn about the specific areas of missions you are interested in.  When you create an account, you'll also notice highlighted tags on resources that are aligned with your profile.