GMHC in Community

Community is in our DNA.  Learning and processing experiences like the GMHC are often richer when done together.

Two Ways to Attend the GMHC in Community

Watch Parties

Friends gathering together to learn and experience the GMHC in someone’s home.


Universities, Organizations, Churches, and Healthcare Groups purchasing discounted blocks of tickets and experiencing together at a common location.

Why do this in community?

First, we’re designed as communal beings.  God has hard-wired us to be relational and connect.  That wiring coupled with excellent content creates the opportunity for long-lasting impact.

Second, we know the impact of processing and experiencing something like the GMHC together.  It’s not for everyone but it’s often the magical extra experience that makes this such an impactful experience.

Third, virtual events can fatigue our engagement but experiencing this in community helps increase your endurance and engagement and we want you to have the best experience possible.

What opportunities does this offer?


Sharing your thoughts with others and hearing their takeaways gives you an opportunity for richer learning.


Being able to verbally process what the Lord is doing in your head and heart during the conference and allowing others to speak into that.


There is something powerful about communally approaching the Father in prayer through praise, adoration, repentance and petition.


Most of us will face obstacles in our journey’s and we need the support of others to keep moving forward.



When our journey gets difficult or confusing, having like-minded individuals there to cheer us on is so important.

Ready to register or host a simulcast?

How we’re going to support these groups.

Small Group Questions

We will provide questions to help guide your discussions and facilitate building community.

Group Activities

We will offer some fun and creative ways to break up your time screen time and promote engagement with one another.

Tips & Tricks

We are committed to helping you host a group and will provide checklists and ideas to make your experience as seamless and stress free as possible.

Everyone Needs a Ticket

Regardless if you’re attending with friends at someone’s house or you’re attending a simulcast, you need a ticket.  Why?  Well, the GMHC is both a large event but also a personalized experience.  A single registration helps us assist you by guiding you to great connections, recommending sessions, and matching you to specific exhibiting organizations.  Plus, it’s the right and ethical thing to do and allows us to continue this vital ministry in future years.  We’re not worried, we know the GMHC is a trustworthy community.  Thanks for helping us honor this code well.