GMHC Simulcasts

Host a simulcast for your community to experience the GMHC together in your community.

How it Works

Register for the Event

Register your group for the GMHC.

Promote & Invite

Promote your simulcast and send ticket invitations.

Experience the GMHC

Walk through the event together as you process together, challenge each other, and pray for each other.

Who is this for?


Nursing, Allied Health or Medical Programs seeking to empower their students with a global healthcare perspective.

Healthcare Groups

 Healthcare Groups purchasing discounted blocks of tickets and experiencing together at a common location.


Staff and lay leaders seeking wisdom and insight on how to holistically minister to their communities and partners abroad.


Organizations looking to expand their repertoire of tools needed to minister to and empower vulnerable populations.

Everyone Needs a Ticket

Regardless if you’re attending with friends at someone’s house or you’re attending a simulcast, you need a ticket.  Why?  Well, the GMHC is both a large event but also a personalized experience.  A single registration helps us assist you by guiding you to great connections, recommending sessions, and matching you to specific exhibiting organizations.  Plus, it’s the right and ethical thing to do and allows us to continue this vital ministry in future years.  We’re not worried, we know the GMHC is a trustworthy community.  Thanks for helping us honor this code well.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if COVID-19 won’t allow us to meet together?

No problem!  That’s one reason why each person needs to have their own ticket.  Either way, everyone can still attend the event.


Should we social distance at the event?
You should always be referring to local and national guidelines for gathering in person. The CDC and your state government have numerous resources to help you navigate this. Ultimately, it’s up to you to make the decisions AND to inform your simulcast group.


How do we handle Breakout Sessions and the Exhibit Hall?

We are committed to helping you host a group and will provide checklists and ideas to make your experience as seamless and stress free as possible.

Making a simulcast a great experience...

Attending an event together with others provides many ways to be impacted and retain what you’ve learned.  And where possible, our hope is that many groups gather to attend the GMHC.  But hosting a simulcast can feel a little overwhelming.  No problem, we have a plan and some great resources to help you do this well.

Simulcast Hosting PDF

Coming Soon! 

GMHC One Sheet

Tips on Hosting

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Find your simulcast group size below to register and get started.

Tickets need to be purchased for every person that will attend the event.

Simulcast Packages

10-25 Attendees


26-50 Attendees


50+ Attendees