GMHC 2020 for Exhibitors

2020 GMHC Exhibitors:

What a wild ride this year has been for everyone!  But you know something, the world of missions and just about everything God has done in history and our lives is a wild ride, right?!  Well, our team is thrilled to bring you a virtual event this year like none other.  Sincerely, this is going to be quite unique.

How do we know it's going to be unique?  I think it all comes back to purpose.  You see, we're actually NOT about running an event... we're all about educating, equipping, mobilizing, connecting, and sending people into healthcare mission.  And believe it or not, a physical conference is just one way to achieve that.  Our team has prayerfully been processing and building a plan for what we believe is going to our best year yet.  

The GMHC is like a special homemade cake recipe that requires the right mix of key ingredients.  One of those key ingredients is you.  You see, we measure success at the GMHC by connections of attendees to exhibitors and the mobilization that occurs through our exhibitors following the event. For this great recipe to cook out just right, well, we need a lot of amazing exhibitors present and engaging our attendees.  

Have some concerns about this working as a virtual event?  That's okay, we do too.  But we're taking every concern and clearly building a plan to overcome each one while also realizing a virtual event opens the doors to some things we've never had before like being more intentional about how people find organizations who match their interests and the opportunity for many individuals around the world to attend an event they might not be able to attend in person.  

So let's take a moment to unpack this a little more... or a lot more.  I encourage you to keep exploring this page to learn about our unique approach, what you get out of this, how best to engage, and other helpful tips.  We're here with you every step of the way and our entire team is dedicated to help deliver one of the most unique and meaningful events for you and your organization.  I'm certain of this.  

Soli Deo Gloria!


Will Rogers

What can we expect as an exhibitor?

A lot!  Let's roll through what all you can expect from the GMHC this year.

More Hours

Believe it or not, going virtual is actually going to provide more hours for attendees to engage in the exhibit hall.

Shared Contact Info

Attendees can choose to share their contact info with exhibitors.  Contact information available to download from site at any point.

Live Chat Rooms

Attendees can step into a live Zoom room with your organization to meet and talk face to face.

Private Live-Chat

Attendees can open a private live-chat discussion with your organization.  You can manage multiple live-chats at the same time.

Schedule a Meeting

Attendees can schedule a one on one meeting with you during or after the GMHC.

Virtual Exhibit Hall

A guided experience will be provided in the virtual exhibit hall to help make better matches and increase engagement.

Save an Exhibitor

Attendees can search through the exhibit hall and save organizations into their profiles to help narrow down their search.

Control & Design Your Booth

Each exhibitor can control your booth connections and design your organization's online presence.

Updates & Resources.

Our team is committed to keeping exhibitors updated, informed, and trained.  Here are a few updates and resources to help you.

Exhibitor Updates - early October 2020.

Exhibitor Updates - September 2020

Check out our Exhibitor Support Page for step-by-step instructions on how to set up your Virtual Exhibit Booth

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I've already registered?

No problem! All exhibitors who previously registered will have their registration transferred to the virtual event and the difference in cost refunded. If you purchased multiple booths you will be refunded for the additional booths and will only be charged for one.  Someone from our team will be in touch with you regarding your refund.


How do policies work?

The same policies apply to the virtual exhibit hall as do the live event hall.  Please see the policy book for more details.  


Do we have to be available online for the entire event?

No, it's up to you.  Here's how it's going to work.  Attendees can "walk through" the virtual hall at any time during the event (except during the Plenary Sessions) and check out exhibitors.  Your booth will be present for the entire event .  Attendees can engage with you four ways.  First, they can share their contact information with you OR schedule 1:1 meeting with you.  Those can be done anytime and without someone live at  your booth.  Second, attendees can jump into a Zoom room or a private live-chat session.  You do have to be present to manage those.  Our suggestion is that you make yourself available certainly during high traffic times (like meals, etc.) for things like your Zoom room and then perhaps keep your live-chat available and near you throughout the day.


How do we instruct people on how to find us in the virtual exhibit hall? 

Instruct attendees to access the Exhibit Hall from the event navigation (left of screen in desktop and menu bar for mobile) and then to search for your organization by name.  Attendees can search and walk through to view all organizations at any time during the GMHC.


When can we "get in" and "play around" with our virtual booth?

You are  currently able to get in and set-up your virtual booth. Please visit our Exhibitor Support Page for step-by-step instructions. All the conference features, including the Exhibit Hall will go "live" 24hrs before the start of the conference on Thursday, Nov 12th at 9am. We encourage you to login during that time period and look at your virtual booth and make sure you are ready to go!


Do we still need to register exhibitor representatives?

Yes, only individuals who are registered for the event will be able to access the backend tools you need to be present at your booth plus we would like to be in contact with all representatives to make sure everyone is trained well in getting the most out of the event.


Can we have more than one person manage the live-chat?

Absolutely, and we recommend that.  You can have multiple live-chats happening at one time plus you can have more than one person managing them.  One note... those individuals each need to register for the GMHC in order to have access to manage the virtual event.


If I am registered as an Exhibitor Representative, can I participate in the other conference offerings?

Yes, absolutely! We encourage you to participate in our Plenary Sessions and any of our Breakout Sessions if you are able.  We pray this would be a time of renewal for you as well! In addition, you will also receive access to all the sessions after the conference .


What are the hours of the Exhibit Hall?

The virtual exhibit hall will be open for attendees the entire GMHC but we are specifically encouraging people to visit the Exhibit Hall generally between 12p and 7p.  Attendees can favorite your organization, signup for a 1:1 meeting, or share their contact information at any point.  Attendees can engage your organization in live-chat or a Zoom room only during the 12p - 7p window.  Check the GMHC schedule for the official time window.


Should we purchase a Calandly account?

You should be just fine on the free version of Calandly unless you just want more features.  We'll have training resources for this soon.  Paid version allow for integration with Zoom but that most likely won't be needed during the GMHC.


Do we need to provide a Zoom Link or will those be provided for us by the GMHC?

Each organization will provide their own Zoom link. These will not be provided by the GMHC.

10 Reasons Why You Should Exhibit at the 2020 GMHC

In case you aren't convinced already that this is going to be an epic event, here are 10 reasons to confirm your hopes.


Largest Gathering of it's Kind

The GMHC is the largest gathering of it's kind bringing together thousands of healthcare professionals and hundreds of organizations.  This is the most ideal place for you to recruit.


Registration is Up!

We track registration closely and so far things are looking much higher than in years past.  You will want to be here to engage with the growing list of registrants and those looking to engage.


Simple Exhibitor Tools

We are committed to creating excellent AND simple tools for you to use to engage the GMHC attendees.  Plus we're going to have great training resources to help guide every step of your experience in a virtual exhibit hall.


You are the Next Step

People attend the GMHC to learn and take a next step... you are that next step.  It's extremely important for organizations to be part of this event to help people process and discern where the Lord might be leading them next.


They're Looking for You

Yes, attendees are looking for you.  That's one of the major reasons they attend the GMHC... to connect with you.  And the only way they can connect with you is if you're present at the GMHC.


Amazing Connection Tools

Did you know that our software can help guide people to the organizations with the most shared commonality between an attendee and you?   Yeah, it's pretty amazing.  These great tools will help attendees quickly find you and help you know the commonality you have with the attendee.


Multiple Ways to Connect

We're all a little different, right?  That's why we created four ways for attendees to connect with you.  Attendees can jump into a Zoom-room, enter a live-chat, schedule a 1:1 call, or simply share their contact info with you.  So whoever the person is, we've got a means for them to connect with you.


Attendees Need Encouragement

Attendees need encouragement on their path and they need to know that COVID-19 isn't hampering their call to missions and missions around the world.  Your attendance only builds stronger validation for attendees that great things are still to come.


We're Going to Train You

As with any technology, there are questions.  But don't worry... we're going to have training resources, videos, step-by-step guides, and much more.  We're here to make this a great success and experience for you.


Fully Custom Event Software

We looked at over 20 software solutions for hosting a virtual exhibit hall and guess what?  We weren't satisfied with any of them!  You are such a critical part of this story that we decided to build a fully custom tool to facilitate the virtual exhibit hall.