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The primary goal of is to help learn about, and prepare for, serving others around the world with your gifts and talents. How do we do that? Check out our welcome video, then let's look at a real world example of a member exploring missions for the first time...

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Meet Claudia.

Claudia is a Nursing student at Cedarville University and has a desire to help bring clean drinking water to people of Uganda. She is just starting to explore missions and wants to learn how she can help others.

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She connects with other members of the community and learns from their experiences.

Going through the missions journey alone can be tough. That's why we've made it easy to find other members in the same situation as you, as well as experienced members who can be a mentor along the way.

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She finds the perfect short-term trip and uses everything she's learned to serve others.

Organizations post upcoming short term trip opportunities tagged wit specific healthcare specialties and global health issues, which enables us to show you which opportunities match your interests.

She checks out organization profiles that match her specific medical field and interests.

Nearly 800 organizations have custom profiles on They are serving in nearly every country in the world, and are offering trips with specific medical and global health issues in mind.

She digs deeper into the Nursing section of the site, which is filled with amazing resources.

We have created unique pages from nearly 70 medical specialties, each filled with curated content from members, healthcare specialists, and missionaries to help you learn more about your field.

She learns more about the effects of Clean Water from the knowledge of others.

Similar to the unique Medical Specialty pages, we also created unique learning opportunities around the many Global Health Issues that exist today, complete with audio sessions, experts and stories.

She listens to audio sessions to gain knowledge from experts in the field. currently hosts over 500 audio sessions from some of the leading healthcare professionals involved in healthcare missions. All audio sessions are free, and you can listen to them whenever the time is right for you on your computer and mobile devices.

Claudia writes about the experience to help others realize their potential for serving others.

Members share stories that get to the heart of what being a medical missionary is all about. Stories of hope, inspiration, and healing from the front lines are some of the best learning tools for those interested in serving others.

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