Have you ever stood or walked for hours, waiting and expectant that something good would happen? Most of us probably perservere in the waiting because we believe that at the end of our long wait there will be a good result, something that will truly be worth the wait.

YWAM Perth’s focus is an area called the Indian Ocean Gateway Region.  Here you will find 79 nations, and some of the poorest of the poor. In this area children die, mothers suffer or go un-noticed, the elderly are shunned, addictions and depression grip peoples lives.

These poor live in large modern cities or poverty stricken ones, they come from remote or “hard to get to places”, they are spiritually deserted, living in land locked areas, swampy, or garbage littered laneways, crowded train tracks or along smoky river beds.

People in these areas have been waiting, they wait to hear good news, they are hoping for something good to happen. Most of their lives they have only experienced something less than good.

Since the 1980’s YWAM Perth’s health care teams have been visiting such places with an ever-continual flow of teams that has been increasing every quarter. Clinics are set up in remote areas and hard to reach places, giving free medicine. Our teams walk on foot, carrying back packs full of medicines with the sun beating down in extreme temperatures; they unpack their supplies in some of the most unlikely places, under a coconut tree, in foreign religious temples, a market place, on the side of a busy highway or behind a small church.  These are Gods pop-up clinics in areas of extreme need.

And the people come, they walk for hours and they wait expectantly, they hope for a cure, they wait for a miracle, they wait to hear good news.  There are many around the world that set up medical clinics or camps, but very few that are willing to give the reason why they are there. How would you feel at the end of a long wait, if you didn’t hear the good news?

YWAM Perth is committed to heal the sick and bring the good news to those that have been waiting. Remember, if YOU waited for a long time, your expectation would be that something good would happen at the end of your long wait.  We don’t want to disappoint, Jesus is the reason why we set up our clinic in these hard to reach places, and He is the good news that people have long waited for.

In Psalm 113:7, it says, “He raises the poor from the dust and lifts the needy from the ash heap. He sets them amongst princes, even the princes of his own people!”  It is our privilege to serve God, He  is the one who provides the place of honour for the poor, there is an expectation on the heart of God that we would share this good news to them. Let’s not keep God waiting and wondering whether we will be His voice in our medical endeavours, but rather recognise that people have been waiting to hear the good news of Jesus.  



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